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Rand Paul Fox News Sunday Full Interview - March 24, 2013


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) joined Chris Wallace for an exclusive interview on Fox News Sunday. Paul won this year's CPAC presidential preference straw poll. He garnered support from Democrats and Republicans for his recent filibuster on the government's drone program.

The self-described libertarian conservative said he's always wanted to be a part of the national debate. Paul told Wallace that the Republican Party needs a candidate who will reach across party lines. In a conversation with the Republican National Committee chairman, he spoke about how the GOP can be competitive on the West Coast, Illinois and New England.

He said some of those ideas were a more libertarian approach to things. "I think that a lot of young people are attracted to that and our party could grow if we accepted something maybe a little bit different than the cookie cutter conservatives that we put out in the past."

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