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Dutch Mega Bank ABN To Halt Physical Gold Delivery

Time is running out for owning precious metals.
Another Gold Shortage? Dutch ABN To Halt Physical Gold Delivery

Based on a letter to clients over the weekend, it appears Dutch megabank ABN Amro is changing its precious metals custodian rules and "will no longer allow physical delivery." Have no fear, they reassuringly add, your account will be settled at the bid or offer price in the 'market' and "you need to do nothing" as "we have your investments in precious metals."
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Cyril's picture

There you go : yet another Federal Reserve System's offspring

There you go :

yet another Federal Reserve** System's offspring, just for you, Dutch people !

P.S. ** a.k.a. "Gosbank" for short :


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The House Of Orange is your friend

Just ask Roger Federer.

You've been Corzined

But we're paying out in paper... for now... trust us... you need not do anything... how are you today?.. everything is good?

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There is no substitute for physical.

3-D printers are great, but they can only do so much.