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Rand Paul and immigration.

What is Rand proposing immigration-wise? How is it different from his father, and what do the those of you who call yourselves libertarians think about it?

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He is propsing Amnesty...

..and siding with his rivals: Rubio/McCain/Graham.

Very bad politics considering the success of his filibuster approach.

Hoppe and Rothbard in his later years, did not support "forced integration" or doing away with laws on trespassing, but I can appreciate that a large field has been vacated so Rand might be thinking like a moderate on an issue he has not considered much.

That is not true, Rand is not

That is not true, Rand is not even proposing citizenship for illegals. His is in favor of giving them a legal status, but he has NOT come out for amnesty.

In other words, Rand is saying, fine...you can stay here, but you're not US citizens because you broke the law.

I think that is fair.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

This isn't about what you "feel"...

...it's about politics.

There is a moral imperative to halt our foreign policy trajectory. As most people do not want to lose their political liberty to foreigners, it is political suicide to not try to win the native's support.

Rand is saying that he surrenders, only less so, or more slowly then the neocons.

not really, anyone can apply

not really, anyone can apply for citizenship. A work permit is not citizenship.

A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Thomas Jefferson. A vote for Rand Paul is a vote for James Madison.

So basically, Jeb Bush's position?

...which Jeb wrote in his recently published book. Jeb quickly disowned the position and joined the Rubio-McCain gang, and Rand picked it up?