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VIDEO: Troopers Indicted After Roadside Cavity Search of Two Women


March 22, 2013 5:51 PM

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) - CBS-11 has learned two state troopers involved in a controversial roadside cavity search of two North Texas women have been indicted on criminal charges by a Dallas County Grand Jury.

CBS-11 has learned that one of the troopers, Kelley Helleson, who left the courthouse after testifying Friday, is charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of official oppression.

Read more: http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2013/03/22/two-texas-state-troopers-...

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Zero information

anywhere on this incident. Traffic stop is for the cigarette(lawful). Article claims "cavity search" although it was probably a search. News loves to use shock words to stir up readers. Makes no mention of why there was a search. A female officer searched them which is pretty common practice nationwide.

Plaintiffs lawyer is the only one shown in the video and there is no surprise he is saying the officers acted illegally. No money in legal searches.

Female plaintiffs claim theft of their hydrocodone pills which are by far the most reported drugs being stolen. Often times to get police reports so they can get more from the doctor and not because they were stolen.

And the grand jury indicted the female officer. Grand jury's indict 99% of people that come before them. Indictment is not a conviction.

If the officer stole the pills and the other officer sexually molested the plaintiff's then they should both be fired and convicted on the evidence like everyone else. They deserve justice too just like the plaintiff's.

I see nothing in the article or video that could lead to any knowledge of the incident. All hearsay and second hand statements.

But I do see a lot of posters on here who are blood thirsty and mob like in their pursuit to see as many cops as possible in jail.

I stand with many on here in support of legalizing drugs which again would of prevented the probable need in this case to search in the first place.

But this story has zero facts. Despite a whole lot of opinions amongst the posters.

For Liberty!

Are you questioning

whether or not the "cavity search" actually happened?

There was video that was all over the internet. I saw it here on DP.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

not enough "facts" eh?

what sort of "facts" would be needed for your girlfriend, wife or daughter to be treated in this manner?

Let me add that it's also common for cops to pull over out

of state vehicles and search them hoping to find prescription drugs in their luggage - it's a new fad. My neighbor was a FHP trooper, not only did this many times but was turning his camera off while he stole their belongings - his punishment? One year probation. Sick. I will give FHP credit for giving him a vehicle with a camera that stayed on, even when he turned it off but how many complaints did it take to get that far?

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

A body cavity search on the

A body cavity search on the side of the road??? WTF!!! These thugs knew damn well that was not legal they were getting off on using their power and authority into intimidating these women into complying. Fucking scum they should be imprisoned for life and hopefully shanked while in there! If one of those women were in my family I would likely be in prison or dead for meeting out the justice those scum deserve!

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proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

Good work to all of those who pushed this

into the limelight.
Lesson learned - it may take a while - but sometimes, just sometimes it will pay off and we CAN make a difference.

A real good job to those in Dallas who made this happen.

Very sad - but I know many a cop who would easily have passed that lie detector as well. As others have pointed out - because they truly believe they can do what they want.

relief !

what a relief it is to see these people being punished !
i wish the justice system worked like this in other cases of excessive force too.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

pretty sad

This is even going to court. If these perpetrators had any honor they would of admitted their guilt and saved their community time, money, and grief.

But then again they thought what they were doing was lawful :O......again

GOD have mercy on us!!


Don't dismiss these cops as rogues

Police departments all over the country are adopting a culture of extreme, barbaric tactics against the citizens they are supposed to serve. As already mentioned, the polygraph proves that the trooper did not think probing these victims' privates was an assault, but genuinely believed that it was within the scope of her duties.

Despite this indictment, the trend is moving in the wrong direction. For people living in low-crime areas, citizens are likely more threatened by police than by criminals.

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Thank you Texas, I needed that.

Dallas will always be special to me, I saw this awhile back and commented.
mebbe there IS hope Texans will act as big as their mouths are.

no need for false general

no need for false general accusations. i dont have a big mouth..

proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

Texans talk big talk.

I learned a lot from them working in the oil patch in the early 80's and then to become a badass cooling specialist in Dallas.
they flood this little resort town that I live in every weekend and I meant no offense.
I read that this happened just north of Irving and that really yanked my chain.

Texans walk a big walk.

just kidding. I figured the title might help support your theory

proverbs 20:15
There is gold, and an abundance of jewels;
But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.

The fact that this

The fact that this lowlife POS passed a lie detector proves that she feels that it was well within her scope of work to rape and sodomise these women because a different officer probably pulled this car over where a skunk had recently traveled. This points to systemic abuse taught from the time that a recruit enters the academy. The war on drugs is destroying the morality of this country and allowing the police state to flourish. So much for the cliche of "If you have nothing to hide, then you won't mind not having rights."

I guess I'm not alone

a polygraph is extremely subjective

And proves absolutely nothing. Although you are probably right that the officer wrongly feels justified in her actions

Yet another reason to educate

Yet another reason to educate the public about the constitution and unconstitutional laws; if anything it eventually increases the number of jurors who will help uphold the constitution. I think people forget about the power jurors have. In a totally corrupt system if there is at least well-informed jurors and jurors still have the final decision in cases, then it is still possible to thwart socialist laws. We need to remember that the jury is another layer of defense against tyranny.

See, Grand Jury's

See, Grand Jury's work.

Citizens Grand Jury - Speech by Gerry Donaldson

Red Beckman - Fully Informed Jury 2

Red Beckman - Fully Informed Jury

This is an OUTRAGE!!!


"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

thank goodness it was caught

thank goodness it was caught on tape