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Why the US dark Cabal Committed Genocide on the Mayan People

by Georgi Stankov, March 23, 2013


It is a truism that the US cabal is responsible for most genocides since WW2, and if one looks closely at the origin and the facts who sponsored this most devastating war in the history of mankind, the American cabal such as Ford, Rockefellers and the Bush family should be equally made responsible for as many victims in WW2 as the GB cabal and the German Nazi. The US cabal have been the prolonged arm of the Orion Reptilian empire in the 20th century and until now, while the latter has enslaved humanity for more than 13 millennia.

During various historical epochs, different human empires and powers have fulfilled this insidious function on behalf of these invisible shape-shifters, Anunnaki and Greys, the infamous Unholy six. The last major and most endurable Orion empire was the Roman empire, which inherited and suppressed the enlightened civilisation of Ancient Greece and distorted its democratic heritage into a highly hierarchical, military Reptilian order, especially in the last several centuries of slow decay when most of the Roman heads were soldier-emperors and the most ruthless butchers. The most prominent among this gang was the Reptilian, Constantin, the Great, who was responsible for the Christian fraud and the current heinous role of the Vatican as the citadel of the dark empire of pedophile priests, headed now by a black Jesuit pope and run by highly criminal, pedophile satanic Jesuits in the background.

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