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Health, Wealth & Sheer Stealth - Let's Get Physical !

By SilverCoinNews :

"Silver is dangerous, silver is volatile and silver is ready to float. When I say that it’s ready to float, I don’t mean literally. What’s going to make this precious metal float is all the “inflate-ion” that is happening across the globe.

First let's start by looking at the United States of America. The national debt is a staggering $16,744,964,052,198.60.

This number is scary, but what puts the icing on the cake is its increase of 3.8 billion per day. With a population of 314.6 million, that works out to be $53,220.88 for each citizen. In other words, you are born into debt.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

This was said by a famous Indian philosopher, Mahatma Gandhi, who was internationally esteemed for his doctrine of nonviolent protest.

Health is important, but you cannot afford to keep healthy in the United States unless you have some sort of medical insurance. How do we gain such insurance? MONEY! But over the years this so called money that you are earning, is becoming worthless, or should I say, less valuable.

This isn’t just going to happen overnight, but in years to come, that loaf of bread that used to cost you $3.50 is going to cost you $8.00. A big problem we face is the stubbornness that people agree that things will always go up in price...

we do not need to accept this theory! This is where gold & silver come into play.


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Just a very good article with which I wholeheartedly agree AFAIC

Just a very good article with which I wholeheartedly agree, AFAIC.

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