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Help send one of the Liberty Movement representatives to the RNC spring meeting

WE are trying to raise $$ to send Chuck Suter to the RNC Spring meeting in LA on April 10th. CLEARLY we don't have much time.

The goal is $1,200 and includes just Airfare and Hotel. Obviously Chuck will be coming out of his own pocket no matter what: missing work, missing his famiy, food, other transportation costs, etc. This meeting is SOOOO important! It is where the Tampa RNC rules changes will FINALLY be addressed and decided upon.

Lets show our support by donating! We NEED to raise this money by 03/31/2013!!!!

Chuck REGULARLY pays for all kinds of things y'all probably wouldn't even realize, between how many times his vehicle and equipment are used at events, gas, etc. too much to go on and on. I just KNOW that you all will come through. Lets NEVER forget what happened in Tampa! Remember: "As Maine Goes, So Goes the Nation!!!!" The rules changes which occurred in Tampa as they stand now would completely shut out any chance of a grassroots candidate winning! Our Forefathers gave their lives, all we are asking for is a donation to help ensure the integrity and fairness of future National Conventions for ALL candidates!

****If the goal is NOT met, and Chuck does NOT go... all donations gathered will go to: constitutionalwar.org to pay for events like this in the future for liberty*****


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$130 bucks left

almost to the goal. final push.

almost at the goal


Let's do it.