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Who Really Owns You and Your Property?

This post was made in response to another topic about property taxes.

Heres the topic with good responces: http://www.dailypaul.com/158398/want-to-know-the-trick-behin...

I didn't even bother reading that. It's just jargon to confuse people. Do you really want to know why people have to pay property taxes? Because there is no such thing as a land patent anymore. They were issused/sold in the early 1800s to formally assign land to people. They could only be bought with gold or silver. These land patents could be passed down to heirs without any paperwork being done. Somewhere along the line the states got ahold of them, probably by force, and now you are issued what is called a deed. A deed is just proof that the land patent exists somewhere. It exists in state archives, and I don't think it even exists anymore, they've likely all been scanned to microfilm. Since the land is state property, you are merely a tenant who rents it. A deed just puts your name as the tenant. Since it's the state's property, you must follow their rules of use or they can just take it at any time.

The same thing applies to cars. A title is not proof of ownership. It just points to a state having possession (on microfilm) of the MSO or MCO. It's why sovereigns are shoved in jail for having unregistered, uninsured, and uninspected cars and are driving without licenses. It's because that car is not their property, it's the state's. You can get the MSO/MCO only if you buy the car with cash. Even then dealers are reluctant to give you that piece of paper, claiming that they legally have to send it to the state to have the car titled.

The same things even apply to your body if you actually looked into it. You can thank your ancestors for just signing birth certificates without looking what they said. There is a box to check that they are handing their baby over to the state because they needed a hospital to deliver the child, making them unfit parents, and the state is just giving them mere guardianship. There is a check box that inducts you under the social security system. It's an outright lie that you are required to have a social security number. Once you are signed up for it there is no leaving it.

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The Manufacturer's Statement

The Manufacturer's Statement of Origin is itself a requirement of the government and is only proof that the dealer or manufacturer owns the car before it is sold. There is no superiority of that document over certificate of title. The later simply replaces the former.

The relevant portions of the Illinois vehicle code can be found here:

Simply do a control-F search for 'certificate of origin'

I've looked into this theory before and it's bogus. The state does not retain ownership of a car. Nor does it care about registration and title if someone isn't driving the car. Local government may get pissy if the car is stored outdoors but once it goes into a building nobody is going to care. Furthermore even traded in cars are often lost in the system and original owners are contacted when the car ends up in an impound somewhere.

Simply put the fraud is elsewhere. It's in the requirement for registration and other rights turned into privileges through mass conditioning of the public. That's where the problem is. You own your car with or without state title. The title is for them to keep track of ownership wrt getting a cut on sales of vehicles.




At least one post seems true.

At least one post seems true. More people seem to care more about topics like beyonce flashing the Illuminati sign and jim carry.

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