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Weblog Awards – WUWT wins “Weblog of the Year”

Watts Up With That wins “Weblog of the Year”

Weblog awards – WUWT wins for the third time

That puts WUWT in the hall of fame for the science category, and we cannot be in that contest again. WUWT also wins “Weblog of the Year”. Thanks to everyone for your support!

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This blog saved you from the

This blog saved you from the Cap and Trade carbon tax more then any other.

#1 Blog on the Internet this

#1 Blog on the Worldwide Internet this year. Is that not noteworthy?
Perhaps this should be on the front Page of DP?

Winter storm Virgil

Winter storm Virgil throughout the Northern Hemisphere this weekend is salt for the global warmests wounds. Watching the Weather Channel this weekend is actually amusing.

Way to go Anthony Watts!

Way to go Anthony Watts!