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Be A Broadcaster To Spread Liberty!

Since the traditional AM/FM radio waves have been hijacked by big corporations and the government, the internet is vital to freedom of speech to a mass audience. To create a AM/FM radio station is costly mostly due to the government regulations and licenses. Let's be honest, a license is a tax and a regulation is put into place to eliminate competition. We have an option that the FCC cannot touch, and that is the internet. With the cost of a computer and a microphone, your voice can be heard by many people. I have been broadcasting on the internet for many years and I have found many free or open source software to operate a radio show or radio station. Here are some resources needed to run an independent internet radio station:

- Open source broadcaster (Icecast or Shoutcast)

- Open source encoder (Edcast to connect to broadcaster)

- Open source SIP server (for phone system)

- Open source database (PHPmyadmin and MYSQL)

- Open Source code server (Cpanel)

- Code is FREE (PHP, CSS, Javascript, etc.)

If everyone learned one program above, collectively we can put together a strong independent internet radio station to broadcast our message.

Not all of the software above are needed to start. With your computer, a microphone, and a open source encoder, you can start broadcasting in 5 minutes. I have created a FREE station on a website called listen2myradio. You can find it at http://freemyliberty.listen2myradio.com/. Here, we can start broadcasting about the subjects we are concerned about and spread the message of liberty. If you want to have a show, I will help you get all the free and open source software necessary to run a show. If you want to run your own radio station, I will tell you everything I know about internet radio.

Liberty is lost when good people do nothing. I do what I can to broadcast to many countries. Why don't you and I take over Internet radio and spread Liberty to all who do not understand the concept.

I will look for your comments and answer your questions to the best of my ability. If you have knowledge on this subject, please share it with us! If you want a show on the station I set up on http://freemyliberty.listen2myradio.com/, click on my name and send me a message.

I broadcast on http://freemyliberty.listen2myradio.com/ every Monday and Wednesday at 7-9pm Eastern Time. My goal is to have everyone call in and discuss whatever is on your mind. I am open to everything. Teach us something we don't know and advance to cause of Liberty! My show is rebroadcasted on another radio station as well.

The video below is from http://www.freeradio.org. Learn about radio transmitters and his fight with the FCC.


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