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What's the best way to store gold?

If you are renting in an apartment?

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Unscrew light switch and electrical outlet plates

That way you don't have to make a new hole. You can attach bag to twine if you go behind light switch plate and pull it up and down.

Store up your treasures in heaven

because history shows there is no sure way to secure treasures here on earth.

During WW2 some of the people in concentration camps ingested gold coins/gold rings/diamonds over and over again to retain some wealth. Some were found out, others succeeded.

My dad, who has passed now, was preparing for the collapse since the sixties. He had about $500 face value of US silver coins in rolls that he had put in plastic bags, wrapped in newspaper and then sealed in the cavities of cinder blocks using cement. For good measure he had created additional sealed blocks with nothing inside. He put these in our basement under file cabinets. Since our basement had flooded a couple times over the years these looked appropriate there (especially after these blocks went through another flooding and showed water marks).

With time the file cabinet was disposed of and the blocks remained in the basement. Then my older brother, not knowing anything about the coins, one day grabbed a couple of these blocks for weight in his trunk to help get through the snow. My dad, a big believer in "The only way to keep a secret is to keep the secret", was fit to be tied since he didn't know how to demand the blocks back without revealing what was inside. Eventually winter passed and my dad found something else he "needed" to put on blocks.

Hint: When I reached the age when I was moving out, many people my age were creating cheap shelving using cinder blocks and boards. Painted up they make good shelves.

Also as part of my Dad's preparation, he had removed the face plates around many of the light switches and inserted ammo into the walls. With the face plates put back in place there is no hint this has been done. Years latter when he moved this was forgotten. After he had passed, one day at a party the topic of the strangest things people had found in a purchased home came up. A complete stranger to me told of his friends who found ammo in the walls when they went to repaint. As the story developed it turned out to be my Dad's old house.

Warning: Working around an electric switch without turning the main power off is DANGEROUS, but if you have access to the fuse box this is an option (like renting a home or an apartment with its own fuse box).

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Some ideas:Inside a paint

Some ideas:

Inside a paint can filled with sand or water(keep silver /gold in watertight plastic bag).
Duct tape gold to the back of just about anything that a thief wouldn't steal.
Cut out a spot of sheetrock and hide it in the wall,then paint and re-plaster over the seems.
Inside the stitching of an article of clothing that you don't wear.
Create a hidden door in a piece of furniture you own.
The bottom of a pot in a house plant.
Inside a food container with food still in it(like a coffee container)
I would stay away from the toilet tank,mattress or the freezer since those are too common.

See if the land lord will

allow you to install a wall safe, and then hang a painting over it. Otherwise, I think I'd rather be a home owner. That way, if I want to bolt a safe to the floor in the basement, I don't have to ask for anyone's permission.

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Answer: be it indoors or elsewhere, where nobody will get a clue

Answer: be it indoors or elsewhere, where nobody will ever get a clue about.

Including here. Your imagination's your best ally.

(Taking it the OP is talking about physical gold.)

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Assemble a bug-out bag.

This is a backpack/rucksack/duffel bag containing 2 changes of clothes, 3 days worth of food, survival gear for whatever climate you live in, some cash, some silver, and some gold.

Find the best place you can to hide the bag. For theft protection leave about $20 in small bills somewhere close to the hiding spot. This will lead the thief to think that he's found the score and stop digging.

Also, keep an additional bug-out bag at each of your other safehouses. Put some cash and silver in the bag but hide the gold elsewhere if you are sharing the safehouse with other refugees. If you think you'll be able to return to a spot later the best option may be to leave the gold buried where it is instead of digging it up.

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