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Mondays with Murray: Breaking Down the Six Stages of the Libertarian Movement

I found Rothbard's breakdown of the history of the libertarian movement in the United States from his perspective fascinating as in many ways the various stages he describes parallel my own journey through the libertarian movement. To recap:

Stage 1: The Lone Nut Stage

This stage is when there is simply one person, alone in the world, thinking his wacko libertarian ideas to himself. I felt this way for much of my life, from a young age when I found myself questioning my parents about this law or that law. Even after I later found the writings of my early influences such as Harry Browne and Ron Paul, in my own life I often felt like the "lone nut" - the only one in my immediate surroundings that held strong libertarian views, sitting around reading Rothbard and Hoppe while the rest of the Statist world chugged right along.

Stage 2: The Buddy Stage

This describes the stage where the "lone nut" finds or converts another "lone nut" to share their passion for liberty with.
Rothbard describes how people are often converted to the ideas of liberty not through a "verbal bludgeoning", but rather through a "shock of recognition" - a moment where something is articulated that they always believed but could never quite put into words.

I believe such a "shock of recognition" occurred several years ago during a conversation I had with my friend and now-fellow-Lion of Liberty John "Odie" Odermatt. This was during the early stages of Ron Paul's 2007-2008 Presidential run. After going on a lengthy anti-war diatribe, Odie was shocked to find out that it wasn't some Democrat candidate I was a fan of, but a Republican from Texas named Ron Paul! I believe this moment was a "shock of recognition" that helped awaken him from his neoconservative coma, break out of the left-right paradigm and start him down the path towards liberty.

Stage 3: The Third Buddy Stage

Once a third "buddy" has been found, a significant leap has been made. It is no longer just a couple of "lone nuts", but is now a "school of thought". As Rothbard puts it, while it might be easy to dismiss a couple of lone nuts, once you have a third buddy people are inclined to say "Gee, three people believe this crazy thing, maybe there's something to it!".

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love it, so true



*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Link not working?

When I click on the "continue reading" link the page does not load. Instead I get a default back to my service provided with website suggestions.

fixed now

Well not really fixed, could not get HTML to work for some reason but just pasted the link.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I don't know if I have

I don't know if I have everything in common with Rothbard, but when I so-to-speak "woke up" I felt like a nut case. I was freaked-out and scared because just about everything I had believed I found to be untrue. I had NO ONE!!! and NO ONE wanted to listen to me. I finally found the Daily Paul and found people! Now I even have my husband thinking I am not such a nut case! Thank you for fixing the link. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next!


that is certainly the feeling...that's why it's amazing to me, 10 years or so after I sorta kinda starting becoming a libertarian, that I know have this entire community, not only the Daily Paul, but countless other sites, forums and even some people in real life.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


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Don't know

Why, I tried it a few times and couldn't get it to work. Pasted the direct link in.

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I see

the Anti-Rothbard, anti-libertarian trolls are here with their usual downvotes!

Missed you guys!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I've found

That if you discuss libertarian ideas with open minded people, they end up agreeing more often than not, no matter what political ideology they hail from. Then the challenge is breaking their brainwashed reliance on labels of D or R.

It's funny

How deep the brainwashing can be.

I had a friend who said he agrees with Ron Paul on so many things but could never vote for him "as long as he's a Republican".

But had no problem voting for Obama who he may have disagreed with on many things, but it was ok since he was on Team Democrat.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Encouraging read

Great one to share!