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Hi All!
I was hoping someone could answer my question:

What is Ron Paul's "homebase" website for his radio show, podcast, etc? I know he is trying to get RonPaul.com, but I am looking for where I can find his current website, "Ron Paul's America", the Podcast, the Radio program etc?

(For the record it would be really really nice for the cause of liberty if RonPaul.com was his actual website...it's just so easy for people to remember.)


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Temporary Website


That was the address on the front of his podcast so I looked it up yesterday to see what it was. If you click on his picture the next page comes up with this weeks podcast as well as a note that says:

***Please note: This is the temporary home for my weekly column until my personal web page is up and running.***

The only two locations I am aware of

I believe his "homebase" website will soon be Ronpaul.com, when everything is settled. For now you can find Ron Paul's weekly column at the-free-foundation.org, Ron Paul's Podcast Nation at podcastone.com.