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Forced Medicine: The Philosophy Behind Fluoridation (Corbett-Video)

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This video presents some good arguments and IMO weak ones

Forced medication through the public water supply is undeniably unethical and violates a basic tenet of medicine-that medical treatments should be catered to each individual. Giving an entire population uncontrolled dosages (in that everyone consumes water in different quantities) through the public water supply is a reckless practice of medicine at best. The CDC and FDA admit that fluoride dosage levels have been a problem with causing dental fluorosis, which is why they recently adjusted the standard fluoride levels. This is a situation in which ethics and science are on the the side of anti-water fluoridation.

I would also add that water fluoridation violates several segments of the Nuremberg Code in that epidemiology studies are being conducted on unwitting populations.

Now with that said I think some activists (particularly in alternative medicine) are harping way too much on weak, and sometimes incorrect, scientific arguments. This video tried to argue that fluoridation makes teeth more acid susceptible. Fluoride makes teeth more acid resistant and slows the rate of enamel dimineralization, which decreases the rate of caries progression. Claiming the mechanism of fluoride is opposite to what decades of research has shown is a losing argument geared to adherents of the "natural" health movement. This should not be a battle between alternative medicine and evidence-based medicine, because alternative medicine will lose the debate.

A glaring argument should be that we are systemically ingesting a medication that is meant to be topically applied to the teeth. My argument is that if low doses of fluoride clinically affect enamel, it is possible that low doses of fluoride can affect other tissues. A lot of emphasis is placed on the China IQ studies, which is not a bad thing, but it was far from conclusive and IQ studies are difficult to conduct with certainty to begin with. There are basically no studies about fluoride salts and the thyroid and pineal glands. It is possible for fluorides to negatively affect those glands, but as of 2013 those studies do not exist.

But in my opinion those studies are unnecessary to win the scientific debate regarding water fluoridation (and the anti water fluoridation position already wis the ethical debate) BECAUSE THERE IS NO FLUORINE NATURALLY OCCURING IN HUMAN BIOCHEMISTRY. Humans do not even have a specific mechanism for metabolizing fluorides and eliminating them from the body. This should be RED FLAG RED FLAG RED FLAG. Researchers cannot find systemic side effects they insist on not looking for. We have toothpastes, varnishes, rinses, and other effective modales for topically administering fluoride without the need to swallow and bathe in it through the water supply. This should be common sense.

Also, there is a lot of focus on sodium fluorosilicate and fluorosilicic acid as being some horrible sources of fluoride, but it does not matter. Chemicals have no memory of their original source. If you distill and purify water from raw sewage, it is water. It is not somehow different because it was first in sewage. This is a common misunderstanding people have about chemistry. Hexfluorosilicate converts to the fluoride anion in water, giving the same outcome as sodium fluoride. Talking about the fertilizer plants is a red herring.

I commend people for taking a stand, but I ask people to please stop focusing so much on the alternative medicine perspective. The authorities are not alternative medicine practitioners, and they will not be won over by it.

is sodium fluoride...

.. the same as calcium fluoride?

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

No they are not the same.

Without getting into a long chemistry lesson, sodium fluoride in mouth wash, toothepaste, or unfortunately the water supply, is basically converted to calcium fluoride in the mouth and are stored as deposits on the surface of the teeth. Your mouth is a dynamic process of changing pH and dimineralization and remineralization. The calcium fluoride dissociates in low pH (which demineralizes the enamel and favors bacteria invasion) and forms fluoroapaite instead of hydroxyapatite, which is harder and more resistant to demineralization and decay.



I have a well and never drink the water in town.

You get used to the strong smell of the chemicals in the water when you live in town. But if you are country folk the city water smells and tastes terrible.

Invest in a good filter.

where i'm at

the smell of chlorine (i think) is still overwhelming at times.

haven't decided on a filter yet. still learning.

what do you use?

very well done! thanks for

very well done! thanks for sharing

"and the truth shall make you free"
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