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TSA Taser Bracelet for Airline Passengers (Video)

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They need a whole string of

They need a whole string of testimonials from brainwashed everyday citizens to sell it. The problem is it would be practically mandatory for SNL or somebody to do a comedy skit with everyone getting zapped for stupid reasons and by mistake.

That can't sell

Part of selling us on giving up our rights is the illusion that concessions make us safer. It's so obvious this doesn't fit that illusion at all.

It's obvious it's going to go off on the wrong people. If it can incapacitate, it can kill. It's obvious no one would have the time to look up the right code when a situation arises. It's so obvious this will set off people with anxiety issues on a regular basis.

There's lots of money out there for charlatans who want to get paid government money for helping them put on their show, but this guy needs to go back to the drawing board to get it.

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First off, no way in hell I

First off, no way in hell I would put a taser on myself or my child. Secondly, this sounds a lot like this administration thinking that a terrorist would keep on the bracelet while hijacking a plane just like banning guns would stop criminals from owning one. Thank the Lord this didn't go anywhere.

Lol I can already see it...

Lol I can already see it...

Terrorist:"die infidels!"

Airline crew: "wait he can't take that off its against the law!"


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this won't fly

sorry for the pun
wait until they implement the last line of their defense
it will be a gurney to strap all passengers down,don't demand or ask for such as a glass of water or something to eat,that will be
seen as an act of aggression,and you might get a shot in the arm
you know,just to calm you down,no telling where you will end up upon awakening

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

I recall

this from a few years ago. But I thought the device was placed around the neck ;)


Well you got to hand it to

Well you got to hand it to them. Hell of a sales pitch ay? Surprised our boys and girls in Washington didn't adopt this right away. Must have been a least favored lobbyist behind it. I'm sure if they sold it to Lockheed or GE we would all be wearing them now...

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Well shoot that system is fool proof

...rubber sleeves? perhaps simply cutting it off before proceeding with activities? a good soak in water? Nah that wouldnt work.

I wonder how the flight crew would know which bracelet to activate? Kindly ask the gentleman or lady for their shock id # before proceeding with the festivities? Or just hit everyone in the general area and hope for the best? Sounds wonderful!

I tell you the hairbrain ideas people come up with to add to the already bloated security theater for a lousy buck... not to mention the incompetence that actually gives them the buck. sheesh

Obviously the bracelet was never implemented. The video sounds like it was from pre 2003. So Im wondering why it was posted? Is someone actually thinking of going ahead with such foolish idea or what? crazy stuff

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Me too


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