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An interesting remark on State sponsored gun control

I made a rebuttal to the NY Times OP ed piece, The Gun Report: March 25, 2013. An ongoing feature by Mr. Nocera, it lists (and thereby exploits)the reported gun deaths in the daily news, for the express purpose of showing private ownership of firearms is bad.


I won't post my entire reply here, suffice to say I pointed out the lack of journalistic objectivity in showing the number of lives saved by private ownership of firearms, in many cases without deaths occurring or even firing a shot. I then related in length about the hypocrisy of our government with its monopoly on force and violence, giving examples of our on global arm sales, drone attacks, and increasing armament acquired by the DHS.

Of the several replies I received, this one by an anti-gunner in response to my concerns of the DHS growing military arsenal is most telling of the warped mindset of the progressive sheeple:

"The government has all those guns because it is trapped in an arms race with its own citizens."