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The 2014 Senate Majority Leader - Rand Paul ?

"The Democrats currently hold a 55-45 Senate majority, so Republicans would need a six-seat swing to gain a majority."

2014 Senate Midterm Elections: Here is the Republican Roadmap to Victory


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Could Rand Paul become the next Senate Majority Leader if the republican party takes back majority control of the US Senate in the 2014 midterm elections?

If the GOP maintains their majority in the House as expected, and they also win the Senate...and then win back the White House in 2016, the GOP will have super-majority in Congress capable of reversing Obama's unconstitutional healthcare mandate.

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Not gonna happen

Rand is playing nice with McConnell in exchange for his support. Yes McConnell needs Paul more than Paul needs McConnell in terms of popular support to win his upcoming election, but Paul needs McConnell on his side if he is to continue to have the power he currently has in the senate. Paul is not going to get the Majority leader spot over McConnell unless McConnell offers it to him.

Paul would be stupid to lead an uprising against the man, as well, since he has shown Paul support. It would banish Paul into the "Does not play well with others" category that he is doing so well at avoiding well still breaking rank and successfully getting his ideas out to the populace.

Who did Ron Paul not "play nice" with?

McConnell and Rand are both from Kentucky, both Republicans, so what's not to play nice? Are you suggesting Rand punish McConnell for the past and not move forward?

Now I have a feeling, I don't know for sure, anyone willing to edicate me, please do.. but wouldn't a majority leader be something other than a Jr Senator? I don't know.. Obama became president as a Jr Senator.. and because I would like to see Rand become president, wouldn't being majority leader be a problem? Again I don't really know, but it does seem like it would not be fair for Rand to be majority leader and campaigning for president..

And if McConnell, who likes Rand, was made Majority leader, wouldn't that help Rand's campaign.. especially in Kentucky?

I like Ron,and you like Ron,

I like Ron,and you like Ron, but the house republicans didn't like Ron until they found out he was retiring. The point is, he called out Reagan, quite the party, came back and voted against the party consistently. So, he was essentially banished within the party, they even tried to run candidates against him. It's just a fact that the republicans in Washington didn't like Ron very much.

They tried to knock Rand out in the primaries before he ever had a chance. Now that he's there, he's become quite a popular figure. He is an asset to the republicans and McConnell knows it. I'm just saying that McConnell has first dibs at Majority leader and Rand is not stupid enough to challenge him. Why would he, he's going to be the president. :)

I'm suggesting that Rand being majority leader is a bad idea for Rand and for the liberty movement even if Rand decides to stay in the senate.