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Libertarian Girl - How to Further the Movement

Video and Radio Version



She talks about Rand Paul and why she supports him.

And how she likes to communicate liberty.

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I always look for someone to

I always look for someone to post LG videos on DP so I can get a good laugh and education.

I couldn't listen

After seeing her posing. It creeped me out.

To my Liberal Trolls:
"Really Don't mind if you sit this one out. Your words but a whisper, your deafness a shout. I may make you feel, but I can't make you think."
Ian Anderson 1972

I'm mixed about this

First.. to me, she's not a "Libertarian Girl". I was only able to watch about 5 minutes, and my thoights

A lost Ms America contestant, you, the producer (?), and a goofy audio/visual/editor, team up to do a "let's make a, Libertarian Girl, production".. attractive guest, questiona about what is "Libertariansism", and here it is... to promote liberty?

Look... I think the more LG speaks, the more she receals herself to not be a L.. she admits to not even belonging to a party.

Issues are imporant.. but so are the candidates who push or stop issues.

Why is she not a Libertarian

Why is she not a Libertarian Girl? I don't understand that.

Because she is attractive that means we are discrediting her?
Is she as smart as professors from Mises? Probably not and neither am I. But everyone has a role they can play to further the movement.

Who cares what she calls herself. She can call herself Strawberry Shortcake girl. Doesn't matter to me what the label is.

Issues are important and candidates are important also. Which we all discussed and agreed. I personally am not going to help candidates anymore but I have friends who are working for Rand Paul that I would never tell them to stop what they are doing.
Do what you love and have fun. If your angry about people trying to spread some information than you aren't having fun with liberty.

I don't understand the cynical post towards us?
We have interviewed Sheriff Mack & G. Edward Griffin and are always contacting more guests and try to produce good content.
Always looking for tips or recommendations to better the content but this was just a attack. And I don't understand it to be honest.

See the post above mine?

You were discussing a very important issue here on DP. Let's not forget the Gary Johnson days on DP. Many people here are Libertarians (belong to the party) or libertarians( Indy's the lean LP), or EX-Libertarians (Like me.. I'm a republicans now).. and yeah, we have republicans here.. and most of the republicans here are supporting Rand.. few are not.. and some libertarians and Libertarians support Rand.. but for the most part. they do not.. nor all the Indy's (or Constitution/ American Indy's.. Green peace/freedpm that are here)

So, for the Libertarians and libertarians who are here.. the lobertarians might understand.. and some Ex Libertarians who became republicans.. but it's really insulting to some who have claimed the Llibertarians lables... Libertarian Girl doesn't count.

She is very attractive and no dummy.. and I think you have a great topic.. and I would make her my interveiwer if I could and start doing interveiws.. have fun.. find your styles.. I think it's a great start.. it's just Libertarian Gorl it's too "commercial" and when she admits she's not a Libertarian... at least be what you say you are to have those who claim to be the same as you, eh?

GOOD LUCK on your future shows!

Hey Granger❣

What exactly is a republican? Are your stances on the issues different now that you are a republican instead of a libertarian?

Hey ((((dducky)))))

First, The long answer:

I joined the LP in 1976.

I was really angry with the LP for many reasons when I left in 1992.. so while I was a Libertarian at heart, my differences with the party made me a "libertarian", meaning I agreed with party platform, but I did not agree with the party politics. I went Indy in 93, to two years ago, when Ron Paul announced his second run as a Republican.

So now that I am not just a Republican, but an elected Republican, with a vote for the county and state, I have to say, as one matures, political veiws also mature. There's some quote: "A conservative is a liberal that has grown up".

So now that I am mature, I have no problem facing any adult on any issue. This is a wonderful thing about maturing.. I don't need to be harsh, or shocking, or angry, or dramtic, or anything but myself.

Ron Paul was a republican for all his political life but 6 months. Many libertarians, ex-libertarians, heard Ron Paul's invitation to join the GOP and did.

The LP was a bad ride, we went no where, we won little all these decades. We have little but MSM sensationalism and tons of defeat to show for the protests, rallys, petitions, campaigns we have done.

So this opprtunity that Ron Paul has given us.. to join the GOP.. it has been the best move of my long activist political life because there are so many libertarians who, like me joined the GOP.. and those who were "born and bred in the GOP" who were young, and Bush Neocons were not them.. but they took to us, and were like the first unwritten coalation.. and then the tea party woke up after being used as a spectacle in MSM and ignored by the GOP.. they are joining us.. so the GOP is changing, and it's changing very quickly, and beautifully.

I read a post MN made saying something about how he get's "tired" of DP.. MN did not make the change to the GOP with some of us.. and some have not left, respected MN's choice, and dreamed that DP could become a hub for us (all invited) but so we could work between states, openly.. and we do this a little on DP.. but to be honest.. my committee meetings are more fun than the DP because I am with people who like me, WERE Libertarians, sick of never never winning, always being some joke, and really really want to make changes locally, state and nationally to our perspective, which is Libertarian.

So this is now like a Pheonix Rising.. we've got a from row seat, part of the action.. and I LOVE it.

Now not so many are as fortunate as me to have a liberty committee, but they hang in there, and as you can read by reports folks make about state conventions and GOP events.. we are winning.

At the CAGOP convention.. the most exciting group was the Republican Liberty Caucus.. there convention room was packed.. and being in the GOP.. we know what we need to do.

So to answer your question.. a republican is someone who checked the republican box on the voter registration card.. their issues can be anything.. as a major party, the GOP has more toys, more power, more opportunity, more challenges, more action than the LP.. so to me.. a republican is someone who has decided it's time to get serious about politics.