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Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Threaten Filibuster on Guns

Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are threatening to filibuster gun-control legislation, according to a letter they plan to hand-deliver to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office on Tuesday.

“We will oppose the motion to proceed to any legislation that will serve as a vehicle for any additional gun restrictions,” the three conservatives wrote in a copy of the signed letter obtained by POLITICO.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/03/rand-paul-and-ted-cruz...

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LOL - I HOPE SO! More C-Span ratings

I don't think Reid and the other traitors really want to risk waking up Americans via filibuster. If they go through with it, I predict massive gun sales and ammo to follow. I know the elected traitors are stupid, now let's see "HOW" stupid.

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Actually, ammo supplies are depleted already ...

... it's impossible to find ammo these days. And there's a huge backlog on guns, too.

But that's OK ... GO RAND GO!

I wonder if there's any way we can HELP them during the filibuster if it happens.

Google is government.

Actually ammo IS available, but prices have skyrocketed

as another poster mentioned. It may also be scarce to find at your "LOCAL" brick & mortar store, but there are countless websites that have ammo currently available. I see sales of ammo every single week on at least three different websites. If you're(not you specifically but in general) not an online shopper, but "STRICTLY" a local shopper, then I can surely see why the misconception exists.

I've seen some really good sales on ammo (sometimes limited) on different sites for several months, and I've been tempted to post them on here for my fellow DP's, but I think it's against the rules(not sure) to do so.



People are buying all the ammo up and re-selling it

there only seems to be shortages at the stores. Here in Texas , there is a website called Texasguntrader.com, many,many ads for ammo...any kind you want almost, but people are jacking the prices sky high. Bricks of 500 .22lr that sell for $20 are going for $150!

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

let's send them some of these!


"It may be a hundred years before a computer beats humans at Go - maybe even longer. If a reasonably intelligent person learned to play Go, in a few months he could beat all existing computer programs." - Piet Hut

This could be the best

This could be the best fillibuster in history, and it should be considering the issue.

Democrats should stick with

Democrats should stick with Wedge issues. When they took on Guns, they crossed the Red Line. Waving the bodies of bloody dead children in front of my face aren't going to do it for me.

Piss on gun control

Get that Senator a catheter.

And Depends! Don't forget

And Depends! Don't forget about that other vital bodily function!


We can beat the 24 hour record this time!!!!!!

God Speed Sirs


Use the filibuster to demand

Use the filibuster to demand answers from the DHS on its arms buildup for use against the American citizens. The old crap heads in the GOP are going to be literally dead soon of old age, thank God. The New GOP team is railroading those old coots directly into the grave.

Alex Jones Caller Ron Paul Revenge Voters For Obama 11/09/2012


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Yes Please

This is awesome.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Let My People Go!! - "The 10 Bill of Rights" - The Movie

Rand Paul as Moses

Ted Cruz as Joshua

Mike Lee as Aaron

Pres. Barack Obama as Pharoah

This is starting to get good

Lets start talking on the streets. Do all we can from the grass roots to influence.


I hope it lasts decades longer than 13 hours.


It'd be awesome if they could somehow all combine to each give 10 hours or so.

Eric Hoffer

Awww Yeah

(Diva Voice) and you know he's gonna bring up the DHS ammo purchases and maybe even the tanks. MMMMM HMMMMM.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)