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Remembering Splitting The Sky (video)

Remember Splitting the Sky. 52 minute memorial film. Corbertt Report.

Time ~ Description
OO Native American sovereignty.
04 Splitting Sky asks for Canadian Police to arrest G W Bush.
05 Arrest G W Bush. Not me.
06 Court order to donate 1,000 Canadian dollars to charity. His choice.
17 Blackstone, 1987... ATT, AOL, Union Carbine, BP, AIG...
20 Kissinger
21 Greenberg, AIG
23 Travel back to roots.
25 Attica Prison, NY. 19 year old kid. Arrived 16 days before riot.
26 Attica Prison prayer in courtyard for George Jackson.
31 Slap.
34 Silence.
36 Hostage.
37 Lost control of prison. Broke gate out of wall. Not "Defective weld"
40 Negotiation.
44 Write letters? Make our oppression more comfortable? No!
45 Release of to any of 17 willing countries w/o imperialism.
XX That did it. Negotiation ended abruptly.

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Great footage.

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Thanks, MT.