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O'Reilly (Fox News) tonight - Rove on Rand

Repeated at 11pm EST. O'Reilly and Rove discuss Rand's potential as GOP "leader". Though it contains some distortion, surprisingly fair exchange.

Check it out in first half hour.

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Rove doesn't mention Rand in this clip from "This Week"


Still haven't found the clip from The Jerk's show.

Good news for now.

If Rove was pushing him, we would have a serious problem.

bump for info


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Yeah, I'd like to know if Rand supporters

can expect to incur the wrath of Rove? Or did he bestow his approval and acknoweldge we exist?


What is up with this story? Video anyone?

I turned off Fox and unsubscribed from cable after ...

what I saw at the Iowa straw poll in 2007.

Thanks for the update.

I can't believe people are still getting "news" from the best propaganda ever on the face of the earth.


Auto part store

Is the only O'reilly I visit.You have to be a Pin Head to watch the Dik Head on fox.

Money talks and dogs bark

We are "The Base"

We are "The Base" according to SPLC.

Whether it is fake or not,

Whether it is fake or not, they are losing ground. Our numbers are growing. I am sure Rand and Doug and Ron are discussing how to best deal with the "wizard of oz" power-center no one can see. God Bless them. There is a battle going on none of us know about, I am sure about that.

What did he say?

Tube please!!!

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

God Bless Rand

I hope Rand does well defending against that 10 million dollar a year overpaid shill.

People need to keep in mind when hearing O'reilly spout his views...that he is fed a script to follow from his producers, that the man himself does ZERO research on anything...

Yes, the guy calling independent researchers "conspiracy theorists", himself has done no research and knows not of what he speaks.

Watching Now!

Thanks for posting..


UPDATE: Rove on Bill O'Reilly..

Bill O'Reilly: Do you do think Rand Paul is a bonifide contender?


That Irish turncoat O'Rielly

That Irish turncoat O'Rielly gives the Irish the bad name of gullibility. He's been avoiding even mentioning the name Rand Paul since Rand's filibuster. Thank God his octogenarian audience is dropping dead of old age by the thousands every day.

i'm not sure o'reilly is

i'm not sure o'reilly is irish. his nose looks like a wasp's nose.


his nose doesn't look like my

his nose doesn't look like my nose. of course, it's probably tribal. i'm not from ireland of course... but i want to find the tribe that has my nose. i've seen people that have my nose, in the mountains, south of here.


i live in america, and was

i live in america, and was born here, of course. but i want to find the people in ireland who have my nose. maybe it's northern northern ireland.


Your ancestors came here after the reformation.

And more important, because of it. You were blessed to carry on the message of freedom. Not Ur fucking nose.

I hope this doesn't hurt anyone's feelings.


they came here because of the

they came here because of the potato famine and not because of your retarded reformation. the british banned trade.


just like my great

just like my great grandmother came here from the Ukraine because there was a famine.

i don't know about my illuminati father's family. but it was during the franco-prussian war.


i am enjoying these Eric the

i am enjoying these Eric the Car Guy videos. i am getting tired just looking at political/conspiracy theory stuff. i used to learn languages over the internet, but i stopped that, sadly.

yes... i need to learn more....


I like Eric the Car Guy too.

I like Eric the Car Guy too. I've replaced the same water pump on my 2001 4.3L Chevy Blazer engine a half dozen years ago myself. It's still working great. I don't take the DeLorean out much.

that's amazing. to troll or

that's amazing. to troll or not to troll. yes, that's amazing.


Go to bed!

Go to bed!


He's had Rand on his show

He's had Rand on his show since the filibuster and talked about Rand at least once or twice at other times in recent days that have been mentioned on here. I haven't paid any attention to O'Reilly other than that, so that's all I know.

Token gestures few and far

Token gestures few and far between. He didn't mention the filibuster hardly at all shortly after it happened.