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Why Is Rand Getting The Treatment He's Getting?

Just based on some informal observations, I feel like the media is generally treating Rand "well." Well as in, described in a positive light. Far more positive than his father.

But I also feel like the media is being very careful with Rand as well. They're trying to stay on top of his policies, hoping, it seems, to get him to say something that they can pin him hard with.

They haven't been quick to make ballsy predictions...He hasn't been placed on the cover of any magazines with captions like "The Republican Savior." (Another reason Rand's timing was delicious)

A lot of the media hacks are elevating their game a bit when they talk about Rand. Sort of like how they acted when they talked TO Ron, not necessarily about him. They aren't resorting to some of the easy name calling and labeling when it comes to Rand. They know he can beat that.

So what's the deal? Does Rand have them by the balls? Are they covering their asses because they know they have to? Are they just biding their time, waiting to build a case so they can unload when the time is right? Or are they ignorant of who Rand is and his power? Maybe Rand is just part of their game?

Hey-ho, whadda ya say Daily Paulers? Thoughts and sources welcome!

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The media

Will run with any story that gets them $$$.

This was a huge storyline especially when the old GOP is fading with the American public.

He Went to Israel

He went to Israel and got their blessings. It's the same thing Rubio did two days after he won his US Senate seat. As soon as Rand got back from Israel the media coverage was positive and it's been like that ever since. It's the one thing Ron never had--Israel's blessing. Case closed.

This is that stage of the boxing match...

...where the two fighters are just dancing round one another, looking for weak spots.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

No. This is the stage where

No. This is the stage where our hired politicians like Rand Paul are actually getting something done. People don't recognize what getting something done means anymore, since it's been so long.

Certainly this is not the whole thing but

I think that alot of the people inthe media as well as those running the media have been around a long time, in that time they have seen and heard of Dr Paul. Throughout the years, sides and opinions have been build for or against 'Ron Paul', when the old media hacks interviewed him, it was their chance to get personal with him and let out all the bias they'd been building throughout their political/media careers. They saw Dr. Paul as an extremist and because of this biased interpretation they jumped on him any way they could. They thought (and were right in thinking) that Dr. Ron Paul is one of a kind, but they don't understand is now there are millions of 'Ron Pauls', those who are stepping forward into liberty through education and determination. Rand and all others will be seen as a lesser threat to the establishment, because Dr. Paul was THE anti-establishment guy, so in their eyes no one will be 'crazy' like Dr. Paul. What's funny is that their idea of 'crazy' is actually sanity and there are many of us waking up to this fact. At least that's how I see it


its political off season

Nobody pays attention during off season. The real fun begins going into the next election.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Just biding time, building a case, unload when time is right?


That time will be once he officially announces a run for President in 2016.

Did you see the TV news

Did you see the TV news ratings drop by about 50% after the November election? That was mostly us going bye bye. I only tune in now if I get a heads up he's on from someone at Daily Paul.

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Advertising revenue?

Four 24-hour news channels need content and ads. With no actual political power in contention right now and no campaign ads to host and with TPTB all planning their next vacation, they can have funny-libertarian-man on TV without much concern.

Or maybe the conversation is finally getting ridiculous enough. If they are debating whether they can kill Americans and if banks are just taking deposits in Europe, all they need is somebody to hold up a mirror and they have instant horror-filled political content.

(too cynical?)

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Rand says the same words better.

Ron said magnificent things, but he said them in a frankly unappealing way. From the tone of his voice, to the barrage of technical terms, he didn't capture most people's imagination. Ron's writings show that he has a massive brain and incredible, new concepts on par with the best philosophers, but you cant get a 5-second sound bite from the Federalist Papers.

Liberty is a wonderful concept, and it can be couched in a simply phrased, appealing manner(and I'll add, with much less skill than it takes to make the case for totalitarianism).

This is what Rand is doing better than Ron. The drones are a great example of him latching on to an easy to understand concept central to liberty; "Does the president have unilateral authority to kill anyone without presenting the possibility of surrender?"

Practically anyone would agree with that, and is cornerstone to the right to "LIFE, liberty and pursuit of property".

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It's already started

"Is Mr. Paul, in fact, a viable 2016 contender?"
IOW, is he electable? The question immediately makes me think of Carl Cameron.

from the

Dr. Mike Vasovski
South Carolina Campaign Chairman, Ron Paul 2012
The SINGLE vote in the SC delegation for RP, GOP Convention, Tampa, FL
2010 Candidate, US Congress SC-03
Past Chairman, Aiken, SC County Tea Party

I'll get down voted for this but I can take it

Rand's strategy is smarter. He has learned a lot from observing and he is trying to adapt so that real Liberty issues get a chance to be heard and taken seriously.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

They will time the smears

They will time the smears right at election time so they are more effective. If they unload them all now they will be old news by 2016. Ron Paul saw similar treatment between 2008 and 2012.

Ventura 2012

Last night he was about to be chewed up by MSNBC so

I changed the channel and wouldn't you know it, O'Reilly had Rove on talking about Rand. Rove was trying his best to discredit Rand but I have to say, O'Reilly stuck up for him to some degree. I think the bashing has just begun.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Unlike 2008, the TP orgs.. GB912, Freedomworks, TP Express, Koch

All of the mainstream organizations are DEAD IN THE WATER.

And Rand has cornered the market on TP Leader.

I went to the Indy YAL conference Saturday. It was bigger than ever. 5 states represented even community colleges and high schools.

Best of all... FREEDOM WORKS and KOCH were forced to fund the conference in exchange for a small speaking role at the end in which the lied, exaggerated their role and had nothing to offer.

Every one in the room was RON PAUL, not Freedom works or Koch and most are wise to Glenn Beck's BS too.

YAL staff ran and directed it HA HA and Freedom Works jumped on the coats tails so to not be totally irrelevant.

HA HA... 4 years ago 9-12 GB, TP Express, Dick Army FW, Koch, etc were all trying to claim a piece of Ron Paul's movement.

Now all of these mainstream organizations are being forced to defer to the popular filibustering senator as their Commander and Chief of the Entire Collective Tea Party movement and Repubicans and Independents love him too. HA HA.

Freedom works also TOTALLY SCREWED THE POOCH last year when they stop supporting their grassroots systems and tried to centralize their organization. It basically was a move that removed the wheels from their car. They are going NOWHERE. HA HA.

Don't let the prestitutes

Don't let the prestitutes fool you. They will play you like a fiddle in an attempt to win you over. When the time comes they will do anything and everything to forward the agenda of the bankers, military industrial complex, and owners.

Meanwhile for the next three years we give them credit by spreading Fox Videos. Many will see all the Fox vids and figure they must be trust worthy and they are fighting for liberty. It will be hard to discredit them in the last minutes of the election.

People must be reminded of how unfair and unbalanced the media is every step of the way. The media does not report the news they report an opinion. They have an agenda and that agenda isn't liberty.

A Good Reminder

We despise the mainstream media...until they're talking about our guy. I'm guilty of it. I'm catching myself watching Fox more than I ever did. I could hardly stand to be in a room with any of the cable news channels only a month ago.

They are calling him a Kook on MSNBC

about 4 or 5 shows I've heard them refer to him as a crazy person....and some pundits on CNN are making him sound like he's a few kernels short of a cob.

In a conversation I had

In a conversation I had tonight with a guy who I would probably label mainstream republican (although he expressed anger with McCain and Graham) he stated he liked Rand but considers him too like his father going as far to call Rand an isolationist. It seemed as though he wanted to like Rand but was holding onto the Fox News representation of Ron.
I'm surprised I haven't seen more of that type of association in the media but I do expect it to come. I think Rand has played his political hand well by not giving them that kind of fodder. Perhaps Ron was the messenger and Rand will be the deliverer (no religious metaphor intended).

Ron Paul

not that he doesn't have lots more to do, but he will be remembered like MLK, gandhi, a giant of freedom. rand i see more as a regular politician who picked up SOME good pointers from his dad. i would love to be proven wrong about rand but i keep seeing him take one step forward and two steps back.

I hope is is playing the game

I hope is is playing the game to best position himself as a leader for the US and a champion of freedom. Is he the ideal? No, but I think he may be the practical choice, a lesser of two goods so to speak. I'm still cautios about Rand - as many DPers are- I felt his filibuster was watered down. But he is none the less a step in the right direction.

just wait and watch

the time will come when the attacks will start.
he is being treated ok right now, but some usual associations are being made slowly - he is not mainstream (but fringe), he is tea party(not a true R), he is a libertarian (and not a true R).
the narrative is being set.
come 2014-15, things will change, he will be pinned hard on CRA and many other of his views will be twisted and turned and made to look ridiculous,
i love the attention now, but I hope he is prepared when the things get worse.
he does have the capability to make points in a different way than his father, but that does not mean he will be treated any differently.
thing to watch out will be who will be the establishment's "anointed one" in the next cycle ? Rubio, Christie, Jeb Bush ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Well, whatever happens in the future

the truth is that Ron never got treatment like Rand is getting now. He was never treated like a front runner. Rand is now treated with Rubio as a front runner and a possible future leader of GOP. So many of the headlines before CPAC were "Rand&Rubio battle in CPAC on the future of GOP!", and so on. Ron never got this kind of headlines; NEVER! Also after Rand won the CPAC MSM and GOP establishment treated Rand's victory very differently than Ron's 2 victories.

So even if the treatment of Rand would change when things really matter for 2016, the difference is that Rand has already sucked into many average GOP voters minds as a serious candidate for president. This image of Ron as a serious candidate for president was NEVER presented by MSM to the ordinary couch-potatoes.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--


hope it stays the same and becomes even better.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

I think Rand

scares both the democrats (hitlery) and the old guard GOP establishment.

The reason, is that Rand is honest. He is clean. That worries all of his opponents.

Can you imagine Hitlery in a debate with Rand? With all that baggage she is carrying?

I would like to see that!

He loves Israel.

And says boo about the wars.

....neocon lite...what's not to love?

Nuff said.

Because Rand represents compromise...

and they are trying to neutralize Ron's message of no compromise, by promoting Rand as less threatening alternative.

The libertarian movement is dangerous to the establishment, when we refuse to compromise with them.

If they can get the majority of us to play ball for minor concessions, then they will have effectively neutralized us.

Thus, promoting Rand as a "lesser evil" in their eyes, is worth it to move the ball into their court.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Rand may make compromises but

Rand may make compromises but he is not a lesser of two evils. He could perhaps be a lesser of two goods. Ron was the ideal - Rand may be the practical for our current situation. He is a big step in the right direction. It's taken a long time, many "lesser evil" steps to get where we are now. It will take a long time to get back. To get back requires steps.

" "lesser evil" in their eyes"

As in the establishment GOP views Rand as a "lesser evil" in their eyes.

"Lesser evil" meaning B is not as preferable as A, but is more preferable than C.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Has Rand Compromised Our Freedoms

Or our liberties yet? If you think he has, on which issues?

I agree with you that Rand appears to be a more compromising individual.

But would you not agree that we all have limits? Certain actions we take limit our future prospects while others open doors. Let's says something comes up tomorrow that requires Rand to take a non-binding vocal stance. He could take a hard-nosed stance strictly out of principal. He could take a soft stance that fails to satisfy the hard cores. Is it worth it to take the non-compromising position to satisfy the choir when it can be used against him to paint him as unelectable in the future?

Words are appearances in politics. What has he proposed or voted on that makes you think he has or will compromise our rights?