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Ann Coulter not supporting Rand 2016, says he just wants to legalize weed and give amnesty for illegals

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the problem with giving citizenship to undocument immigrants

the problem with giving citizenship to undocumented immigrants according to a friend of mine who lives in Houston Texas: I live in the suburbs of Houston, Tx, where illegals are everywhere you go. The majority I have spoken to over the last 10yrs (not the ones who came 20+ yrs ago-very different)have no intentions on becoming an American and most detest the notion. The majority, especially from Mexico come here to get all the free ‘wellfare’ the are privy to, and believe they are going to take their land back, aka Reconquista de Atzlan. They are taught this in Mexico, I have read it in their school books. Texas will soon end up like Mexifornia, and be bankrupt from the people on the dole, out numbering the working class. Nothing makes me angrier then when I see an illegal wheel up here cart overflowing with groceries, pulls out 3 or 4 Lone Star cards to get it all for free! She’s dressed in Tommy Hilfiger and the like, her kids wearing the same, they wheel the cart out and get into a brand new fully loaded $50 grand Suburban! The only solution to the problem is to cut off the welfare system to all undocumented people period! If they were in Mexico they wouldn’t receive anything, so why wouldn’t they come get the free stuff? This allows them to work cheaper, destroying the wage base, and if a white person gets laid off from their job, they can’t survive, if they can even find someone to hire them to do labor work, as they have zero chance of getting welfare.


I have read this paragraph

I have read this paragraph word for word somewhere before.

I dont know if it was on DP or not but this was copy and pasted.

it was not copy and pasted.

You read it before on the daily paul word for word because I typed it before word for word on the daily paul.


here you say it was from an article you read online

I am telling you the truth.

I really did find this on a comment on article online. But not from the associated press. After finding the comment I contacted the commenter who lives in Houston Texas and went there and talked to the illegal immigrants and observed them to confirm the information myself. This seems hard for you to believe but I have no motive to lie. I am pro immigrant as my parents are from france.


looks like copy and paste to

looks like copy and paste to me.



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the problem with giving citizenship to undocumented immigrants according to a comment I read online on a article on illegal immigration: I live in the suburbs of Houston, Tx, where illegals are everywhere you go. The majority I have spoken to over the last 10yrs (not the ones who came 20+ yrs ago-very different)have no intentions on becoming an American and most detest the notion.....



so was it a friend from Houston or from a comment you read online??????

After reading the comment online I become friends with the perso

n who made the comment online that I posted on an article on illegal immigration. I became friends with this person online and I went to go see him in Houston Texas and when I did this I talked to the illegal immigrants there and got the same information that he said in that comment. I confirmed what he said.


so you didnt type this, you

so you didnt type this, you copied it from a "friend" you supposedly met and supposedly investigated the story.

im not doubting that it is possible to pull off this card scam, but its obvious that all of this is second or third hand or more.

Was it on the DP before?

Was it on the DP before?

Who cares?

She adds nothing she only detracts. If Ann Coulter endorses you its time to give some serious thought to your principles and morals.

Ann loves big government. Rand sees government as a waste.

Like the founder of the Federalist, Alexander Hamitlon she believes that the Federal government must control all that it can reach. Federal tax on sins such Whiskey and Drugs somehow sanctifies government's central authority.

That leaves Federalists little more than a precursor to the Progressives that followed.

Free includes debt-free!

Man Coulter

He's at it again

There's a prison cell for her

Why are we forced to be so immoral as a society!? No victim, NO CRIME! how many of us think when seeing a person light up a J in their house that there has been a crime committed? Do you feel scared for your rights? Have your's or anybody else's rights been violated?! This is not a crime. Face it, our country has the largest prison population in the entire world, because we don't give two shits about our brothers and sisters. Just send them to jail for smoking a plant that man kind has enjoyed for 7000+ years and hasn't killed a single person, ever! Ann C hates you and me, she hates our opinion and is filled with rage and carnal passion. How can we continue to feel good about warehousing good people in jail for choosing to smoke a plant in it's unaltered form? Jesus Christ would be ashamed of this country in it's current state. We need to change, and change we will. Ann C is just a trash talking old-people panderer; she will be irrelevant the moment Rand becomes president. Pray for peace and the prevailing of freedom and for God to rid us of hate mongers.

Preach on

The Christian society needs to look in the mirror for allowing and even advocating this conduct, this message of love can change their minds, much work to be done, forward on for LIBERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

kind people rock

Paid Troll?

She's just a menace to the movement and society.

I like her even though I don't

always agree with her. She is a gall with balls and that is refreshing. Can't stand docile, submissive, conformist women. Besides, she makes big bucks to play the brazen, loud mouth. I don't think she has a huge amount of political influence, but she is entertaining, so more power to her!

I have never met a single

I have never met a single person that said, "yeah I really respect Ann Coulter's opinion." Not once.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


You are annoying!

"You are annoying".. finally Sean Hannity said something I agree with.

While I do not favor illegal

While I do not favor illegal alien amnesty myself, and am disappointed with Rand Paul's position on this issue, can Coulter name one nominee for the general presidential election over the past 20 years who did *not* favor illegal alien amnesty? She was a big backer of the execrable George W. Bush who also pushed for an illegal alien amnesty. (As for Romney, he was for it, then against it, then for it, then against it, just as on every other issue.)

"You are...annoying." LOL

Maybe even Hannity's waking up, ever so slowly?

She's lies for a living

Ron and Rand have said drugs should be regulated at the state level not legalized. Former OK Gov Frank Keating said Ron wants herion legal -what a lier and the media just sits there and lets the lies stand.

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

She is a "LATE JOINER" and not a "LEADER"

Not only did she come late to the Romney side, she lead Nobody to the dance with Mitt Romney. She is not a leader, she is what we call in marketing a "Late Joiner". She is the kind of person who finally breaks down to getting and buying ...a laptop, a vcr, a dvr, a droid, an Iphone, etc.

So what is it with Ann Coulter? She is a professional "Political Insult-er" ... or "Insult-ress".

And that makes for "good entertainment".

And like the procosus child who does a lot of things but has not nothing to add to the party, soon the party goers "move on".

So lets move on from the likes of Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck. If we note what they say, just make a note that that is where the "Late Joiners" are on the bell curve.

Our focus is with the "EARLY ADOPTERS and FIRST JOINERS". That is the front part of the moving Bell Curve of popular opinion. We are after the "Early Adopters and First Joiners" because that "grows our movement" and most of all, "sets the direction the country is moving".

Just 10 years ago today, in 2004, the American public was 60% against giving gays the rights (and liabilities) found in marriage. Today, 60% approve of gay marriage. "How did this happen?". Answer, the "early adopters" focused on growing their "first joiners" until they were soon after the "second tier joiners" and so on... then the tipping point came and like an avalanche, the mass of the bell curve shifted & now they are the majority.

Now, "after the sudden shift", the "LATE Adopters" are struggling emotionally, do they join or hold on? Well that kind of person, the late adopters, has a very hard time "being in the minority". Its very very very uncomfortable for them emotionally. Its NOT apart of their personality. It causes them great distress.

Yes, late adopters do finally adopt, but they do have their own "stars", and one of them in politics is Ann Coulter. Her gig is to insult all the way to finally accepting. She gives voice to that pain out there. She did it for the majority who held out against Romney, to only supporting Romney in the end. And she will do it with Rand Paul 2016 too... but Rand has to take "the big 3", ie Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina FIRST, then you can expect her to finally join the bandwagon for Rand Paul 2016.

And a comment on Rand Paul. I expect him to move into Santorum/Huckabee land, sweeping up all the Christian Right who loves Israel and Jesus. He'll do this to temper his legalize pot and he'll excuse away immigration "to be relevant". But then once he is the GOP candidate, then expect Rand Paul2016 to move away from the christian right to a more "civil libertarian" nuanced position or middle voter territory, to beat the DNC candidate.

Then, once he is president, expect his budget to come racing forth, and if adopted, you can expect a giant economic boom, surpassing Ronald Reagan's 20 year boom from lowering tax rates. On foreign policy you can expect him to sound pro-Israel while doing nothing because of Congress and/or the economy. On civil rights he'll win there too by playing right but caving left...that is, he will continue the and perhaps lead the positive slide of all modern nation-states to a multi-ethnic social contract conforming to the principle of human rights, rather than the old notions/feelings towards a nation-state being a repository for the national soul. While Olympic games will in some sense rekindle that national soul spirit, as individual athletes become trans-national, that feeling will continue to decline. Perhaps soon, Americans will be cheering a "Mexican national" athlete at the Olympics, while making big noise about her life growing up in Maine as a swimmer (or runner, or whatever). And as Americans themselves become more familiar and feeling safe with Central and South America, they will see that borders, like cities, must be as "porous" as possible in order for everybody to be free.

Meanwhile the late adopters like Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck will excuse away and support whatever President Rand Paul does or says to the bitter end, even pushing for his reelection. That's my prediction... lets see if it unfolds.

So ...there you have it.


PS... did you notice Hanity say, "I like conservatives and I like libertarians..." That is a first time that I am aware of that he spoke positively about libertarians without a reservation thrown in. Keep moving that bell curve of public opinion folks, that is what the R3VOLution is all about, its starts in the mind.

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..just think how many times she will change her mind in successive columns, and how much $$$$ she will make selling books baiting people to stay in the hijacked Tea Party; where their "safe" from "radicals" like Rand....


History is on her side for that one imo.

Trespassing is a crime and a violation of property rights. Why do yards have fences?

All people illegally staying in a country during peacetime is a crime. How would other countries like it? If people wish to enter another country they must use a port of entry.

Rewarding criminal behavior only encourages more as RP has stated many times.

I do think only Native Indians have other rules which should be respected as by their treaties.


Restrictive immigration is a

Restrictive immigration is a twentieth-century concept. Before WWI, you could pretty much come to this country without any limit. The big exceptions were the Chinese and people with certain diseases. Other than that, it was pretty much open borders. "Amnesty" is just returning us closer to the vision of the founders.

The problem with your tresspasser argument is that many employers want, e.g invite, these folks to work for them.


These employers should be charged with aiding a fugitive.

What about the ranchers and property owners along the borders? You are right 150 years ago many lands were unclaimed but now they are and people pay taxes on them?

If people want to settle on unclaimed lands in Antarctica or up North somewhere all the power to them.


Why stop with charging

Why stop with charging employers for the felony of aiding fugitives? What's with the class warfare? Why not charge the millions of Americans who don't ask for documentation when the hire babysitters, cleaning ladies, and people to fix their toilets?