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Ann Coulter not supporting Rand 2016, says he just wants to legalize weed and give amnesty for illegals

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Why not just open the borders

And let everyone in the entire world come in who wants to?

We can all sit around the campfire and hold hands and sing kumbayah

... at least there will be plenty of jobs in the hot dog and marshmallow businesses ;)


Donvino....start your own business and I will

support your freedom to Hire and Fire who you please.

Being an "american" is not a union card from which you, the employer MUST hire, but I am sure the STATE, with its SS# stamped on each of us, wants employers to only hire from that pool. But I for one will support your freedom to hire and fire whom you please, even if I disagree with who you hire and fire for the JOB that YOU created.

Its time that Patriots take a good look at the libertarian BLUE CARD solution to this "protect the boarders" debate.


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Skeletor is a loser that picks losers. BTW did Coulter used to be a male?


Ohh Ann just go home please.


Ann Coulter is a CIA Sex Change Experiment

She's a man baby.....

Good for her

IMO, we need to keep her stupid comments in the spotlight. As well as people like her. She's killing her own career, and if she can do it before 2015, then it's better for us.

Don't fall for this " good cop, bad cop" routine

Did Rand Paul announce is candidacy ?

What did I miss?

If he didn't then it looks like the Hannity show is running out of things to talk about and using childish tactics to lasso up an audience

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

This woman is irrelevant

She's what we used to call a 'poser'. Ann 'skeletor' Coulter has no spine and no brain, she does not represent libertarians or anything related to a free society. As my old history teacher used to say, 'she is rude, crude and unattractive'. (Seriously, she used to say that to the kids that were acting out in class)


Yes, Coulter probably is irrelevant,

but she is also irreverent and that makes her entertaining.

Why is this piece of trash on the front page?

I will not watch something that will piss me off. TURN TV OFF for f k sake.

Everyone is bashing Coulter,

Everyone is bashing Coulter, and rightfully so.

What no one is mentioning is how odd it is that Sean Hannity is DEFENDING policies pursued by Rand Paul that a few years ago he may have attacked him for. I also found it interesting that he claimed aloud that he supports conservatives AND libertarians. It's unsettling.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!


Hannity is trying to save them. At this point, I doubt he has any principle or agenda other than keeping and attracting sponsors.
In order to keep his viewer base, and sponsors, he will go along with popular libertarian ideas. If he can't retain his viewers, the sponsors will find another attraction for the job (gb?).
Once the masses have been conditioned to listen and agree with a particular talking head for a while, sometimes years, it becomes harder to protest when the talking points shift back to the state sanctioned "party line". When the popular ideas become inconvenient, the talking heads use the momentum they've gained to sway public opinion through cognitive dissonance.

A lot of conservative pundits

A lot of conservative pundits are trying (and failing) to attract libertarian viewers. They realized that your average Republican/conservative is waking up to the truth and becoming a libertarian.

Doesn't mean those pundits actually believe in non-aggression and libertarianism.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


this woman can't be taken seriously by . . .

intelligent people.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Solution: Stop paying


Stop paying attention to what she says or does. Stop talking about her books. Stop watching her interviews. Stop sharing her videos.

Make her irrelevant.

Bitter Loser

Her whole persona is that she's bitter about losing. It's self-fulfilling.

Dr. Ron Paul seems so much more refreshing in contrast: he's working under similar conditions and yet, he's optimistic, positive, and aiming for success.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

And what makes her even MORE unlikeable is

she thinks she's pretty. I've seen several interviews where she brings up her 'attractiveness'.


Oh wow, I usually try to avoid her interviews like the plague so I've never heard her say that, but in the interviews I have seen I've always noticed that she has a kind of conceited air about her, like she thinks she's hot shit or something. The first time I ever saw her I thought she was a tranny, honest.

I'm reaching up and reaching out.
I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me.
And following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been.
We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been.
Spiral out.

So who is her guy?

That fat guy from New Jersey begging for a Washington handout of 60 billion.

Never liked her,

never trusted her, don't care what her opinion is.

THEY will be coming out of the wood-work to bash another Paul - there always needs to be a whipping post and a distraction.

Hopefully people can see through the obvious charade this time around and THINK FOR THEMSELVES!

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

My problem with Ann is that

My problem with Ann is that (and I remember this from Stossel) she doesn’t necessarily have a problem ending the war on pot, HOWEVER, she wants the welfare state to end first… wait, what!? The war on drugs is partially responsible for growing the welfare state. Kids and adults go to jail for dealing or consuming and they come out criminals or without the ability to get a job since the felony stays on their records. THINK ANN, THINK!


The most intriguing part of this video to me is when Hannity says, "I like Conservatives and I like Libertarians." We all remember his poor treatment of Ron Paul during the last campaign, but he seemed to say this sincerely. I doubt it "means anything," but interesting.

Coulter is a political

Coulter is a political opportunist whose, to borrow a quote from a movie, moral compass is so screwed up I'll be surprised if she can make it to the parking lot. If Rand wins the nomination, she will fall lock step in line with the rest of the Disciples of the Church of the Republican Party. I think other issues are more deserving of our time and energy.

Hey wow Hannity tells the truth:

when he says in the end of the clip to Coulter: "You are ANN-OYING!!!!"

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

All References to...

...marijuana and other such 'controlled substances' should be utterly stricken from all federal laws, codes, regulations and statutes. Aside from the philosophical issue, it is an issue left to each state, constitutionally.

As to Rand 'Pander' Paul and his flimsily-masked illegal alien cave-in, he has become a willing part of the illegal problem now and is openly giving his stamp of approval for further loss of sovereignty.

Loss of sovereignty? If this

Loss of sovereignty? If this argument is true, the founders were total sell-outs because by today's standards we had virtually open borders until the early twentieth century.


what do you propose we do?

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Since this is one of the few...

...legitimate federal responsibilities, I would...

1. Shut off ALL aid, assistance, subsidization, educational benefits and on and on, with the exception of 'emergency medical care'.

2. Truly close the border to illegal alien infestation.

3. As those who do not self-deport are discovered and determined to be illegal, they are summarily deported.

It isn't rocket science, but it takes fortitude, which is near extinct amongst the pandering, sob-stories, touchy-feely peacenick & lovenick crapola and the willful borderless-utopia some wish to see, mostly ignorant of issues of sovereignty.

I could go on, but why bother...

You are aware that your

You are aware that your anti-immigrant agenda was first implemented by the progressives? Before that, we had virtually open borders, with some exceptions such as the Chinese Exclusion Act. Let's return to the immigration vision of the founders.

Let's Get Something Straight...

...I did not address all 'immigration', I specifically addressed 'illegal immigration/illegal aliens', so take your predictable, old and very tired 'anti-immigration' mantra and stick it up your ass, K?

Next, you open border people seem to believe some weird nirvana-esque fantasy or envision some world akin to a past non-nation area, sparsely populated/unpopulated region that was in need of taming, developing and populating.

Open borders, where 'we' are constrained by set rules & laws and where we have developed land, much privately owned land and states and an overall nation with borders (like them or not), is lunacy.

Let's say tomorrow all borders are opened up and over the next 6 months 10 million 'south of the border' types stroll in looking for work and a better life.

You okay with that?

Let's say a rich clever-fellow/group of fellows lease a fleet of cargo ships and spend the next several years taking $100 a head and transporting the 'world's hungry, tired, poor & wretched masses', by the millions, to the good old North American anything goes, free-zone.

After all, the circumstances and living conditions where they are, are utterly abominable and anything is better than that, to those masses.

Of course, the voluntary-association of people who used to make up the former nation of the United States of America, well, they won't let the flood of tens and hundreds of millions starve, so assistance would have to be provided, housing provided, medical care provided, educational assistance provided and on and on and on.....

...Unless it were stopped or some rules and/or controls would apply, but who then would apply them because people can come and go as they please, bringing their non-liberty beliefs and other wonderful rich 'cultural' habits along with, right?

For me, I like my hillbilly roots and culture. I like the individualist traditions of this nation of States. I like the distinct lifestyle and culture of the West, where I have resided for most of my adult life. I like our traditions of individualism and liberty.

I plan on keeping them, not erasing borders in some defacto one-world paradise.

Of course, your mileage likely varies and that means we will likely stand opposed on this issue and you know what, I don't care.

I don't care because I expect that one of us is man enough (and to many, non-libertarian enough) to resort to force of arms to protect and defend his Constitution, his property, his state, his culture and his liberty; because he realizes that he is not responsible to care for the rest of the world, or to let the rest of the world into his house.

But hey, that's just me.