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Nebraska Cops Go Thug and Chase Down Man Filming Their Police Brutality

Omaha, NE police not only used excessive force while performing arrest, but they also entered a home without a warrant to confiscate video, and knocked over a woman in a wheelchair.



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They have abused their powers for years

I was arrested back in 1981 in Omaha as another person they had a arrest warrant for.
I was a passenger in a car that was pulled over for running a red light.

I just happened to have the other person's first name...didn't matter the other person weighed 180lbs and I weighed 105lbs and had a different last name. My dad was a COP in a nearby town. But they refused to call
that police department to identify me.
Hell one of the officers even knew me from the restaurant I worked at. But she even refused to come to my aid.

When my finger prints did not match up with the other Candance they charged me with loitering and prowling(I was a passenger in a freaking car) and threw me in jail.
Went before the judge in the morning and then was sent to the correctional center and THEN was finally allowed a phone call !!! It was like..its a little late now.
By that time my parents would not believe me that I had done nothing wrong. Surely if they sent me to the correctional center I was in the wrong. Grrr

The other passenger in the car had some old traffic fines he had not paid. They arrested him also. But he got the hell beat out of him in the elevator on the way up to the booking area.

Thankfully a friend paid my fine and got me out of the correctional center.

our tax dollars hard at work

10 cop cars responding to what ?

obviously he needed backup to deal with the black youth holding a camera phone.

cop to black youth:
"why are you such a pitiful person ?" - cop
"no, im not sir, ok , why are you calling me sir now!" - cop

im suprised they didnt shoot the dogs,
i hope everyone on hee saw the cop punch the mans head a good 4 to 5 times while the mans head was up against the GROUND.

this is what they would like to do to all of us given the chance

law enforcement is such a waste
just a bunch of roided up pigs

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

The Police are out of control (ALWAYS HAVE BEEN)

The uniform worshiping that will follow this violent assault is very sad.

If there are good cops then they would run these NOT good cops out of the department. No matter how good an officer thinks he is if he tolerates another officer like these, then he is not an honorable man.


Liberty = Responsibility

Good point

I have had this conversation many times with family members and friend who are police officers. It doesn't matter if you are a "good cop." If you refuse to stand up to the bad ones, you are part of the problem.

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I copied this entire link, in case it disappears:

According to Upriser.com, three arrests were made. The three were brothers that all lived in that house with their wheel-chair bound mom, who was taken to the hospital after police entering the home knocked her out of her chair. The situation began because police were towing vehicles and that guy that gets thrown to the ground in the video asked them what they were doing.

An anonymous submitter said, “I was copied on the email [below] from former police auditor (position eliminated) Tristan Bonn.”

From: Tristan Bonn
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2013 11:10 AM
To: todd.schmaderer@ci.omaha.ne.us; james.suttle@ci.omaha.ne.us
Cc: Franklin.Thompson@ci.omaha.ne.us; Jean.Stothert@ci.omaha.ne.us; Tom.Mulligan@ci.omaha.ne.us; Chris.Jerram@ci.omaha.ne.us; ‘pete.festersen@ci.omaha.ne.us’; Garry.Gernandt@ci.omaha.ne.us; Ben.Gray@ci.omaha.ne.us; ‘Dan Welch’; ‘dnabs@nabity.com’; bashford@leg.ne.gov
Subject: Conduct of Omaha Police Department

Mayor and Chief,

I am attaching the You Tube video for you to see what will soon be a viral experience for viewers in Omaha and around the country, I am sure. What the video depicts can only be described as exactly the type of OPD abuse and excessive force that people in this city have complained about for years, and what people like me have reported for years. The fact that OPD and the past several city administrations, et. al. have covered this kind of conduct up, denied it, and attacked the people who have tried to expose this behavior only makes this matter worse. Had any responsible parties, Chiefs, Mayors, City Attorneys, the media, etc. done their jobs at any time in the past, we likely would not be viewing such an extreme video.

Perhaps the most outrageous behavior captured in this video is the ordinariness of OPD’s actions. The following list of SOP violations, constitutional abuses, and just plain incompetence and unprofessional-ism in no way appear unusual. To wit:

1) There was absolutely no resistance when the OPD officer “takes down” the suspect. It does not matter what might have happened before the video began (the customary OPD excuse). At the instant this force was used, it was excessive in relation to the suspect’s actions.

2) Upon take-down and handcuffing, hitting and piling on around the head continued. A knee to the back of the neck and sitting on the suspect’s backs ARE recipes for positional asphyxiation AS I HAVE COMPLAINED of since the Justin Watson in-custody death. Get the person off the ground once he is in cuffs, for crying out loud! What I see here is how people are killed and it is inexcusable.

3) There is NO violation when a witness watches, comments or videotapes police action. The man across the street DID NOTHING to warrant arrest.

4) Chasing him into the house and entering the house was an unlawful entry as was the entry of at least 10 officers who followed.

5) In addition, the arrest was unlawful and the taunting of the man on the street was, well inexplicable.

6) During the pileup of no less than 25 cops that I counted and 12 cruisers, I heard at least one officer complain about the “fucking dogs.” I am only surprised OPD did not shoot them.

7) These are just a few examples of clear violations and police conduct that can only be described as appalling.

8) If this is what you mean by community policing and improving police relations, it is no wonder your department and administration have had such abject failure in reducing crime. As you can see from the vantage point of the video recorder and the other neighbors watching, this type of policing was witnessed by everyone in the neighborhood.

9) Even though much of what I saw on the video matches much of what I heard from citizens while I was Auditor, it was still shocking to see this behavior by the Omaha Police Department. The swarming of 25 officers, 12 cruisers and the police helicopter over a physical contact THAT WAS COMPLETELY PRECIPITATED BY OPD makes it very difficult to support any increases of any officers or anything else to a department that acts in this manner.

10) In short, this behavior is appalling. It demands a complete and total public airing, review, after-action and explanation from both of you.

I await your response.

Tristan Bonn
Former Police Auditor

did they just violated his 4 amendment right?


They will say he was fleeing arrest and a fleeding target

is an exemption to the search exceptions to govt searching a house without a warrant.

However, they seemingly did not have probable cause to search his house because he NEVER FELT RESTRAINED BY THE COPS ACTIONS. So the search will be ruled unconstitutional at the PC hearing and hopefully this guy will be able to press charges against the police officer for the excessive force.

This video is a prime example of act first and let the prosecutor be responsible to the constitution; none of these officers respected the individual rights at play during this video.

Notwithstanding this great evidence, videos are just one piece of evidence to argue, and if it is not hearsay or is not brought in in violation of rules of procedure, and if it is not kept in camera by the judge or misconstrued by the state, then the jury may serve justice to us people

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford


Like cops give a shit about the Constitution....

How many cops does it take

to screw in a lightbulb?!!!

How big is the light bulb?

The cops I've seen lately wouldn't fit. :)

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the answer would be none!!!

the police union says they aren't qualified ;)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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any updates


cops should where pink

all these black uniforms are going to their heads

I'm practicing to be a police union official.

Disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, just look at these people they probably do drugs and steal things, fully complies with departmental procedures hey officer safety we lay our lives down on the line every day, dangerous criminals, yada yada yada any questions yeah whatever see ya suckers. What? You wanna get smart with me? How about I bust our your pretty perlies and feed them to you ass first wise guy?

(how was that?)

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Like a feeding frenzy

Kudos to the filmer. Sounds like they called in a chopper to back up the nine units.

The lady that was knocked down

by the police when they entered her house
illegally to arrested the guy filming, had a little bit of support when she went to file her complaint at the police department. :o)

Check out the police union president calling policing a CONTACT SPORT.

City Council Member speaks out

Police union president says

"we need to have patience, we need to let the process work through".

You mean like your officers did?

Police unions have become the epitome of overpaid and very poor actors. Union actors at that. Can't get fired for poor performance.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.



all those cars; all those 'officers' --

to go into one house--

and bring out one person?

And the person who kept hitting the man on the ground--

which video showed the person in the wheelchair being knocked over for a video? It looks as though at least one person didn't have a video confiscated; someone was quietly filming all of it--

so many men going into one house--


police state indeed--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

this is why the cops want your guns

Do you think if every citizen on the street were standing on their property armed that this would happen?

Freedom has never and will never be granted Freely.

The government, made up of people, thinks people are too stupid to live without their rules, but not so stupid so as to elect smart people to tell them whats good. But if we are too stupid to understand that were,re to stupid to know what good is ummm... oh darn... I'll just shut the F up now.

this is crazy

and the news story link isn't working currently.

It baffles me why all that was necessary. What did the guy across the street do? Why did they chase him?

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Only a Matter of Time

It is only a matter of time before Natural Law overrides the BS. People will retaliate. The criminals seen in the video should be stopped, eliminated if necessary.

There is might in right.

That's the plan

The NWO is trying to lead everyone around by the nose, send out their Blue Lodge dogs to incite "revolution" and then circle like vultures to scoop up whatever remains.

Be smarter than the NWO.

This ticks me off

because I was forced to watch the local news last night to see what they said about it. (I'm about 100 miles south)

It started from the towing of some vehicles that are illegally parked. I guess this has been happening repeatedly for a while now. My guess is that the street is off limits but these houses have no off-street parking so the parking rules are very inconvenient. I'd also like to see a dozen more 'vehicles' get towed from that street. ;)

Their take was that people are voicing opinions on both sides. People are getting on the radio. The cops have been tweeting that there's two sides to every story and an investigation will be undertaken. They only posted two tweets from people who think this was excessive and none expressing complete outrage (of which there are thousands).

Two of the mayoral(?) candidates are saying that we need an independent police review board and others are saying that any bad cops get their due already so we don't need any more bureaucracy.

I'm just sad that I had to break my streak of not watching the news. I think I was up to 4 years non-stop.

The city, and the boot licking press, may try to minimize the

damages - but people will form their own opinions.

This is going to be huge. Nationwide.

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Does anyone know why the

Does anyone know why the initial arrest was made?

Good grief, what was going on to justify an army of police to show? How much did this cost the tax payers?

The YouTube description gives

The YouTube description gives the perspective of the person who filmed and uploaded.

A big thanks to the person

A big thanks to the person who filmed and uploaded this as well as all the folks who contribute by filming such abuses. A great reminder to keep a camera charged and with you at all times.

We call those "smartphones".

We call those "smartphones".