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Dr. Yaron Brook of Ayn Rand Institute Capitalism in Crisis Debate

Dr. Yaron Brook is the Executive Director of the Ayn Rand University. He has been doing speaking engagements at Universities across the country the past few weeks. This is a debate he took place in at Loyola University last week. Of course, in this forum Dr. Brook is preaching to the choir, but it is fun to watch him debate a professor who advocates fascism.

Dr. Brook and Dr. Schweikart also briefly discuss global warming and foreign policy. Dr. Brook’s thoughts on foreign policy are ridiculous, however the majority of the discussion concerns the morality of capitalism.



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Thanks, jrd!

I will listen to it this evening.

I attended an Ayn Rand Inst

I attended an Ayn Rand Inst lecture last night at Rice University (Houston) where a professor from UT lectured on Egoism. Some of the stuff she covered was okay, liberty and freedom wise, but I always got a strong neo-con vibe from her thesis.

Southern Agrarian

That's because...

ARI is pretty neo-con friendly when it comes to foreign policy, it baffles me as to why Randians are so supportive of US imperialism.

They are real zealots for the "Global War on Terror", supported the Iraq war, and they can't wait for a war with Iran.


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Thanks for that link. I only ever pay much attention to ARI when there are free lectures or events going on. In this interview Dr. Brook talks about Iran for a brief few seconds and I was a bit shocked at what I heard in that short clip.

It really does not make sense to me... I might look into that a bit more to see what else I can find.

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Same with Yaron Brook, the economic aspect of the debate is great, but then they off tracked for a few minutes on to foreign policy and I was not impressed with what I heard. Although, they were only on that subject for a few seconds and I do not know the full extent of his views regarding Iraq and whatnot, it just would have been better if he stuck to free market solutions.