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Cyprus is no mistake or miscalculation. It’s a message to the rest of the world.

"The bankers have begun to put up billboards for the world in places like the Middle East that say: “When we want you into our global financial boat, it’s better to get in than to try and rock it, or row your own.” (The consequence of opposition to the bankers is sanctions/hunger, paid armed rebels taking over your government and installing a puppet regime, drones flying over your nation and killing at will.)

What does all this have to do with Cyprus?

It’s another billboard for the world saying: “We control your money and can come get it anytime we want.” The unspoken being if a European central bank (in this case the European Central Bank) and its confederates can say they’re going to steal 25 percent from a citizen’s bank and/or savings account if they hijacked have more than $100,000 in them , then central banks everywhere can steal whatever they want from citizen bank accounts, whenever they want, with no fear of prosecution.

Cyprus is no mistake or miscalculation. It’s a message to the rest of the world.

Cyprus Was Not Caused By Citizens

Citizens did not cause the Cypriot or any of the world’s current banking crises. Ever. Corrupt government officials, central bankers, and Wall Street money shufflers did. This is why Iceland citizens told these same bankers and their London enablers to take their debt and all of its illegal interest and shove it. Then they set about restoring financial stability in their nation through citizen-controlled financial institutions. America’s Constitution specifies that congress is the only agency authorized to print and coin the nation’s money. Financial stability isn’t rocket science. It’s responsible people with the political will to take charge and do it.

The talking heads you watch nightly on television explaining Washington and world economic happenings are controlled by the same money that controls congress, the world’s governments, and our currency." http://ppjg.me/2013/03/26/dispatches-from-the-bankers-to-the...

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...and political will...

..is what we don't have...and...

American Exceptionalism is the blinding force!

Until we are utterly humiliated, the majority will not believe our message; only the courageous get it...self-education, for our posterity's benefit, has been conditioned out of us...self-education, to game the system, gets you hired by the elite...

Listen clearly

Keep your gold and silver under your mattress.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

Listen clearly to something even more important

There is no such thing as a citizen.

Listen clearly.

Get your money out of banks.