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Love & Marriage - Get The State Out Of 'Em!

I wrote this article a little over a year ago, but it seems appropriate today so I thought I would repost.

Love is passion. When you have true passion, whether it’s towards another person or a craft, hobby, pet, or anything else at all, you are practicing the highest form of freedom. To fully embrace someone or something as part of yourself is something that cannot be defined or codified by any other entity or group of people. It is something deeply personal and deeply unique to every individual. It’s certainly not about special holidays, fancy dinners, jewelry or hallmark cards, though those may be very legitimate ways to express one’s love towards another. To have true love is to have true passion, and to have true passion in life is the ultimate expression of individual freedom.

You’ll often hear me say that the State (for these purposes defined as any level of government be it local, State, or Federal) is anathema to freedom. When the State gets involved in something, even with the best intentions, you can bet that someone’s freedom will be infringed upon. The same holds true when the State tries to get involved with love. Why we associate the two is something I’ve long been baffled by. But for whatever variety of reasons we have largely come to accept the State’s role in our love lives through the licensing of marriage. For many, marriage is the ultimate expression of love. For some, it is a personal symbol confirming mutual love for one another. For others, marriage carries a more religious or spiritual meaning. But regardless of the motive, most would agree that that the decisions to marry is a deeply personal one.

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This journal article by Daniel Crane is great...

From the Cardozo Law Review, this is called "A Judeo-Christian Argument for Privatizing Marriage": http://www.cardozolawreview.com/Joomla1.5/content/27-3/CRANE...

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Great article. Spot on! Thanks!

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson


Great stuff.

As far as marriage goes, I'll steal a line from Sham 69: "I don't wanna."

Marriage is social

Marriage is social engineering by government and groups. It is the state and religious "institutions" forcing financial responsibility onto males to remove the economic burden of supporting unwed mothers by the state. That's my interpretation. It should be noted that there are now more single people than marrieds for the first time in American history, which is all the more reason for the legal union and support aspect of relationships to be separated from the religious hocus-pocus aspect of marriage.

People in general don't love

People in general don't love these days. They have emo high-school-level relationships and marriage is just a tax haven. I think if the state was taken out of it and there were no more tax breaks, or any other monetary benefits, the preverts who should not hold the title of married would not want to infiltrate the religious rite known as marriage. People like Ron Paul have some good ideas, but they mostly think the individual states should have these rights to barge in on private matters.

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Great article for a most puzzling topic: the civil union.