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If you own medical marijuana, ditch the gun

In 2011, the ATF issued a memo that declared that it is illegal for anyone with a medical-marijuana card to possess a gun or ammunition.

Fortunately, there is a mechanism for mercy. Sens. Pat Leahy, D-Vt., and Rand Paul, R-Ky., are working together on legislation to grant federal judges more judicial discretion under the federal mandatory minimum sentencing system.


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Remember the medical MJ grower in MT that got 80 yr's?

That's how that guy in Montana got nailed. Well, I suppose it's nice to know some commission is doing a report on this, not that that will be enough to soothe the poor kid orphaned cause his dad in MT got 80 yrs :/. So let's say they reduce mandatory minimums for crimes where the actual firearm played no part, does that mean they will retroactively go back and reduce sentences? I hope so, but it's not guaranteed.

Thx for the link.

Joe Biden asks: How do we take away the Second Amendment?

Obama: How do you eat an elephant?
Biden: How?
Obama: One bite at a time.

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We don't lose our right to defend ourselves...

because a doctor prescribes us medication. We don't lose that right unless we threaten/aggress against others. Peaceful people who haven't done anything to anyone should be protected against TWO YEAR mandatory minimums in federal prison. There's no justification for doing that to somebody. I hope we all get more vocal about this particular issue. Thank you Rand Paul and Pat Leahy for taking on a unpopular issue. Too many peaceful people have too much to lose in their lives. Let's make sure not one more person has their life ruined because of this. Not only should they not be imprisoned but they need their natural right to defend themselves protected.

Good advice

If you are in any way associated with the HEMP issue, I would suggest leaving your firearms with friends and relatives. You don't have to be unarmed, but I would leave the bulk of my armory somewhere else. Same goes for any Vet that has had "ptsd" mentioned is his presence.

Exactly what Elizabeth Warren doesn't want..

people armed and stoned

She also wants the minimum wage to be $22

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She really is an idiot.

She really is an idiot. People who think she's good truly are deluding themselves.

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or maybe just don't tell anyone

what kind of weapons we own and how much kine bud is stored in the freezer outside?

Just a lot of stupid. Lets go

Just a lot of stupid. Lets go drink until we are falling down drunk and go hunt stuffs.

You do recall...

VP Cheney.

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the ATF can write laws?

how can this be?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Seems reasonable

I mean, did y'all not see "Reefer Madness?"

hahh yeah

and that film was anything but reasonable, hence, your sarcasm.

In light of this "law," I think I'll go home, smoke a blunt with the wife, then clean my gun.

DEA, ATF: if you're reading, COME AT ME BRO.

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