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Kill List Candidate?

If JFK's grandson has political aspirations (which he apparently does), he'd better be careful that he doesn't end up targeted for a drone strike. After all, if he became a legit "threat" to become president, you know he'd push to open up the JFK files. And you know TPTB definitely don't want THAT. There's a theory that JFK Jr's plane didn't go down by accident. He apparently was talking about running for office and he definitely had the name, the fame, the looks and the pedigree to have a real shot to win. For JFK's grandson, I hope he understands what he's dealing with.


JFK's heir apparent
Call him the natural. Confident, smart and easy on the eye, Caroline Kennedy’s son, Jack Schlossberg, is ready for his close-up

Last Updated: 6:25 PM, February 27, 2013
Posted: 11:04 PM, February 26, 2013

His grandfather, the president, and his great-uncle, the senator, were struck down five years apart by assassins’ bullets. Another uncle, his mother’s brother, was killed in a plane crash. Countless other terrible tragedies have befallen the Kennedy clan — America’s Royal Family. This all begs the question: How does a certain young scion of Camelot emotionally deal with such historically horrific dynastic events?

John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg — JFK’s only grandson, the son of Caroline Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg — is now in training to save lives, not as a physician as one might expect of a wealthy Kennedy heir, but rather as a first responder.

When Crowley asked him about his support of President Obama, and whether the Ivy Leaguer was considering a political future in the Kennedy tradition, Schlossberg confidently declared: “Politics definitely interests me. I’m most interested in public service. That’s something that I get from being part of my family, which is such an honor.”

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