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Petraeus "I know that I can never fully assuage the pain...I can, however, try to move forward" (Heavy Sigh ROFL!)

David Petraeus, one of America's most decorated generals, is expected to make his public comeback Tuesday night with an apology for the extramarital affair that led to his resignation. Petraeus is to quaintly refer to the affair as "slipping his moorings" during a speech at the University of Southern California.

Such a show of contrition is part of a pattern in US, the first stage in a process that almost always allows high-profile figures to return to public life.

After his departure from the CIA, there were flattering opinion pieces in the media expressing support for him, saying he was too gifted to be left on the sidelines.

There is no indication yet what role Petraeus, 60, has in mind for himself, whether in business, politics, helping veterans or some other field. Until he resigned from the military in 2011 to take up the CIA job, Petraeus gave speeches around Washington that bordered on the political, leading to speculation that he envisaged a late career in politics.

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