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Miles-Driven Could Replace Gasoline Tax, LaTourette Says

Miles-Driven Could Replace Gasoline Tax, LaTourette Says - Bloomberg "News"

Abolishing the U.S. gasoline tax and replacing it with a levy based on miles driven could happen “tomorrow” regardless of hurdles to implementing it, said a former top Republican on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

The gasoline tax, which Congress hasn’t raised since 1993, needs to be ended because lawmakers won’t increase it, former Representative Steve LaTourette said today in an interview at Bloomberg’s Washington office. Policymakers could immediately replace it with a tax of about 1 1/2 cents per mile that could be collected in ways that alleviate privacy concerns, he said.

“I think we could do it tomorrow,” said LaTourette, who represented Ohio. “But then you get the black helicopter people saying if you put something in my car, you’d know I was at my girlfriend’s house last night.”


If you have 150k Miles on your 35mpg vehicle, under this proposed system you would have paid $2,700 in taxes for driving compared to the $771.43 under the current highway-taxing system, a whooping $1928.57 difference.

"Socialism is great until you run out of other people's money." --Iron Lady Thatcher

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Finally a simple tax challenge to beat

Drive a vintage car.

Every state has waivers for "antique" cars for such things as annual inspections etc.
I imagine it will be the same for old cars because they are not equipped with GPS from the factory.

And the insurance is way cheaper for a collector car. I pay $100 a year for a Barracuda. It looks and runs like new.

And there's no computer to get blanked-out by an EMP!

Just another form of control

The mission is to get most of the citizens of the country into controllable cities.

Control, control, control

If you are in a big city that can control your big gulp consumption they can control you on everything.

You can't produce your own food or energy, you don't really need cars, you use government subsidized public transportation or ride a bike like our Chinese friends did 20-30 years ago. You don't own guns in big cities, you don't own land, you are a number, a ward of the city.

Making it more expensive for country folk to travel for work, makes them move to the city.

How easy is it to control peope living in a city with chemicals through its water system, verss 14,000 country wells?