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Another Democrat Senator to retire!

U.S. Senator Tim Johnson’s announcement that he’ll retire after the 2014 election just made the Democrats’ job of holding their Senate majority a lot tougher.


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Once ObummerCare

kicks in in 2014 many democrats will be retiring. Some non-voluntary.

And once all of those millions of fools in the Obama fan club find out that ObamaCare didn't mean FREE health care, it actually meant...

*You must now BUY Health Care By LAW
*Your health care premium will be 2 to 4 times hiher than a pre-obama care policy.
*The tyrannical govt. will now have the ability to know EVERYTHING that is in your body and they will be sharing that info with EVERYBODY including the FBI and DHS.
*Because the gvt. will now be controlling your body, they will use health care as a weapon against you in every way possible.
*This applies to EVERYBODY even if ObamaCare cost you your job or because you have been cut back to part time...YOU still have to Pay for your ObamaCare!

Here is some advice to anyone running for office in 2014. RUN AGAINST OBAMACARE and for REPEAL!

sorry bout the rant.