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Muslim foot bath in state capitol: turns out to be a mop sink

What happens when you mix Propaganda, Fear and Ignorance? Things like this.


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Has anyone seen.....

a Moslem wash their feet in the sink of a public restroom? I have and will not forget it.

There should be signs put up for that kind of thing imo. I was not angry, just in shock with the other men in there. Could of heard a pin drop.

I do not know what the rest of you would feel if you saw this.

It was in a rest area at the bottom of that Mountain coming into SC on 79 from NC I think it is.


Did you hear the one about....

Did anyone hear the one about the Israeli Ambassador?

He showed up to a world leader summit meeting with his faithful servant Abdul.

Throughout the meeting the Amabassador mistreated Abdul...yelling at him to fetch him glasses of water. Abdul would run from the room and quickly return him his glasses of water.

Finally, after hours in the meeting, Abdul was slow in returning with a glass of water for the Ambassador. When Abdul did return, The Ambassador was very angry and yelled "What took you so long, you son of an ugly Camel!".

Abdul responded "A thousand apologies Master, but there were people sitting on all the wells".

Anti Muslim hysteria is very

Anti Muslim hysteria is very useful to Christian Zionism. People really think that the Israelis are the victims.

Looks like TN lawmakers have gotten so paranoid

about Islam, that they are seeing Muslim paraphenelia everywhere.

Meanwhile, the globalists Corker and Lamar and the useful idiot Haslam continue to sell us out.

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That is ridiculous. Thanks for the link Sharpsteve.

That story is funny! :D

That story is funny! :D

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