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Rep. Massie, Rep. Radel and Rep. Amash Introduce the Life, Liberty, and Justice for All Americans Act

Congressman Thomas Massie (KY-4), Congressman Trey Radel (FL-19) and Congressman Justin Amash (MI-3) introduced the Life, Liberty, and Justice for All Americans Act, which prevents the executive branch from authorizing military strikes upon American citizens on American soil.


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Seems to me they dont want to

Seems to me they dont want to complicate the issue with foreigners or overseas strikes, their first priority is to introduce a bill which no decent congressman could have any reason to vote against. If anyone is stupid enough to vote against it, that vote can be used against them next time they are up for election. Its a common sense bill that should pass easily while providing political ammo for those running against congressman who vote against it...because you know there will be a few neocons and neoliberals who vote against it and dont realize the danger of doing so. Now if only they can prevent stupid ammendments from being attached.

Just a thought but doesn't

Just a thought but doesn't this open the door for Medical insurance for all (Obamacare)? --- protection for all therefore drones are OK?... It strikes me as a semantics exercise. The constitution already has liberty for all covered does it not? Is it a new wording for anti-abortion with "thousands of exceptions" Redefining a lot of terms under one Bill is just game playing to me and possibly muddying up the waters with more complication.

The comment below me has it

The comment below me has it right.

How can the bill be for "all Americans" when it specifies that it only applies to Americans on American soiI?

Something smells funny about all of this.

Just listen to Ron Paul and do not take 'two steps backwards'!

Stick with the three steps forwards! What about innocent Americans overseas... not to mention innocent foreigners?! Ron Paul just this week spoke of Americans learning and coming to understand the plight of both Americans and foreigners, continuously being bombed overseas!

To outlaw repetitively that which the constitution already forbids, simply erodes the intent and meaning into allowing Americans to be bombed overseas!

Wake up Amash and friends! Enough of compromise!

What part of "All men are endowed...", do you not understand!?

That means in our republic we require a declaration of JUST CHRISTIAN WAR before anyone is bombed, and bombs which fall only on the unjust after such a sad, tragic declaration!

That war would then be shouldered entirely by the people through congress! They would know the just cause, understand what is Christian in our attitude to others including the enemy, and, understand the consequences of winning, or losing!

If you must be like the 'Jone's in D.C.', and have your name on a redundant act, then settle for nothing less than the ...

'No bombs except just war bombs, Act!'

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New Act Proposal

I'd propose the...

"Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, and White House Better Read and Respect the Constitution For Good or Everybody's Going to Hell in a Handbasket - Act"

... that would make for a change, IMO.


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I called Trey Radel and asked

I called Trey Radel and asked him to call for impeachment of Obama the day before Obama came out with his executive orders on gun control. He was only the second person who did the following day. I think he's on our side.


Doesn't the constitution already say all this stuff about ALL people (not just American citizens)? It's a very sad state of affairs that our congressmen feel (correctly) that they need to create new laws to uphold what is supposed to be the supreme law of the land.

The Constitution already said

The Constitution already said all that stuff about civil rights, but we had to pass an act to spell it out for them.

No way, really?

A political promise regarding socialized concepts of both life and justice?

Where do people sign up?

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Proud American First

Thanks for the article/link. I was just googling around and reading on this a few days ago.