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No Easter Egg Hunt at the WhiteHouse ( Due To Budgets Cuts )

This is the White House's solution to the budget crisis.

(President Barack Obama and Good Old Goofy Joe (Biden) have their fingers on the pulse of the nation. They have decided that the solution will be the cancellation of the White House Easter egg hunt for the kids and doing away with White House tours for the children of our once great nation. Along with these solutions for budget control will be funding cuts for the military and our disabled vets. So these 2 dunces have chosen to budget cut our kids and vets ,but no cutting of funds to countries who hate us and burn our flag. No cuts in golf outings, nothing in luxury vacation trips and air travel, fancy dinners, no cuts in out of control welfare programs. But Cut the Kids? This has to be Goofy Joe's idea probably after his 6 scotch minimum

Just more of that Hope & Change that all the Koolaid Drinkers Keep Lapping Up

" Bring on Rand in 2016 " - America's Last Chance To Remain Freedom

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