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How do you teach a positive, happy person about Liberty issues?

The last 4 days I wasn't exposed to much news or any politics, coming back is always kind of a shock. Without too many details:
If someone is "nice, honest and positive", but almost totally clueless about the media being propaganda and the Gov growing so much, do you consider that teaching them might make them miserable?

(exaggerated example)
"Check out some police brutality videos on YouTube, also find vids and pictures of innocent people the USA killed in the Middle East, next look at graphs of the USA debt and the value of the dollar, and a video about the collapse of Argentina to give you a sample of what's coming here. Do you have any idea how many people and dogs are killed in mistaken drug raids, or what Obamacare is doing to our health care industry?"

Also don't blame the free market for "Tent Cities in U.S. While We Give Billions Away In Foreign Aid"

How do you teach a positive, happy person about Liberty issues?
How do you (re)teach liberty people to be happy? :)

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Michael Nystrom's picture

I don't think you can

As long as everything is going swimmingly for them, and they are not impacted personally, they won't care.

It is only when something happens that they can be jolted awake:

- They are assaulted by police, or witness it first hand
- They get a bill from the IRS saying they owe something huge that they didn't know about


In short, they need to somehow get a clue that they're being lied to. Trying to force it on them will indeed make them miserable.

- - - - -

As for reteaching Liberty folks to be happy: This is a challenge. Remind me in three days to explain it.

In the meantime, listen to that album by the Knux. It should make anyone happy.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts