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Who Lobbies the Government the Most?

So, there has been something circulating on Facebook, saying that the industry spending most on lobbying was the Pharmaceuticals/Health Products industry at $5.3B, #2 was $1.7B.


So looked it up on opensecrets.org, and found Big Pharma to still be #1 but at $2.5B. But what was interesting was that banking was not one of the categories. Securities & Investment was, but that doesn't encompass all the complexities of banking. Also, where does Monsanto fit in? Just thought I would share.

Top lobbying industries:


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I would assume at a certain

I would assume at a certain level the most powerful groups don't need lobbyists. They're already in.

What about AIPAC?

Would that be "Business Associations" or "Misc Issues"?

The top spot of $2.5M seems low?

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I think thats $2.5 Billion

$2.5 Mil is nothing to these people.

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Good catch,


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