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More criminal Bureaucrats who will not leave good people alone

Modern Day Thoreau Targeted by North Carolina Bureaucrats

Eustace Conway created his own reality deep in the woods of western North Carolina building an entire homestead in a manner reminiscent of Americas early pioneers. All facilities on his property were built from the forest he calls home. His work is impressive and his property is now a school to teach that teaches others about living the older natural way.

Now the local bureaucrats have decided that everything is illegal because the buildings were not permitted and do not meet code. Eustace expresses to the government the incompatibility of updating his facilities to modern code regulations and being able to run a school teaching the older natural way of living. All of this unlawful harassment after bureaucrats of the past never had an issue when inspecting his facilities.

This story is yet another example of the modern nanny state that assumes it can dictate how people can live their lives.

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