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Monsanto just received a payoff on its massive funding of campaign contributions on both sides of the aisle

Jackass Alert!

"The overtaking of several sectors of the federal government by private corporations who routinely use congress and the president to codify their unlawful activity to expand their monopolies has just received a huge gift package from those fine jackasses in the District of Criminals.

Monsanto just received a payoff on its massive funding of campaign contributions on both sides of the aisle, having the favor returned in the form of a free pass on any kind of control or any kind of judicial penalty on their collective species of invasive seeds."

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Tyranny of the Minority. No Congressman elected by majority.

A majority of eligible voters did NOT elect this Congress. None of the above has been winning for decades, perhaps centuries.

That's why it is imperative that the Constitution be followed, especially the Bill of Rights.

Minorities can always be found who want to impose tyranny for there own benefit. Congress has operated tyrannically since 1913.

Nearly 100 years ago Congress enslaved Americans to the banking class for the benefit of government and the bankers, not for the general welfare.

Congress has never looked back nor bit the hand that feeds them.

Free includes debt-free!


and used agent orange .... killed thousands!



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How did our Liberty minded politicians vote?

Did Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee vote in favor of this bill? What about Justin Amash in the House?

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

They all voted against it

Senate was 70-29. 51 Dem/17 Repub in favor, 29 Repub against.

House was 318-109. 203 Repub/115 Dem in favor, 82 Dem/27 Repub against.

Call the WH 202-456-1111 and leave a msg

Evidently there are lots of calls on this. Yesterday the lines were constantly busy. Today i waited 10 minutes to get through.

This is what I said...

"I'd like to demand President Obama veto HR 933 which is the Appropriations bill for the Dept. of Defense, that contains the Monsanto Protection Act. Congress has NO authority to give Monsanto or any other company free reign over the law."

The guy sounded defeated and tired from all the calls.

He's a govt. employee.

They all sound defeated and tired.

This sucks

Everyone in congress, whether they read the amendment or not is guilty to no end. Once this is signed into law there's no stopping Monsanto.

Our last hope is to demand that Obama vetos it, which means vetoing the entire bill so that section 735 can be removed (Monsanto amendment) and resubmit the bill. What are the chances? Nonetheless it's the only thing left.


Corporate Persons

Have more pull and access to our government than real persons.

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

Money = Access

28 years ago in college I

28 years ago in college I wrote a paper on a similar company for a Business Law class. I made the case that the CEO and others were contributing to both the left and right parties in large sums. Said company got Ethanol passed and the rest is history.

Business as usual then and today.

Nothing changes.

Got an "A."

He wouldn't give me my paper back either and I never made a copy of it.

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No State...

No State Privilege.

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