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People Are Awesome

Amid all the bad news and disappointing events, it helps to be reminded ourselves that People Are Awesome.


Sorry if the first image is risque. I don't know how to change the embed code to get rid of it.

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It's not about sport for me.

It's not about sport for me. It's about doing what scares you, pushing boundaries. It thrills me to know that the human race is hardwired to push limits, to do-it despite (and because of) fears. I'm not going to do most this stuff (although I'm looking on ebay for one of those flight suits). Just to know that we, as people, long for the edges of our ability, wherever they lie. To me, that means people are awesome. We'll bounce.

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Thanks Wistfulthinker, now I feel like I should go do something daring and adventurous. Nice video though.

Sport is trivial

Are you yourselves awesome?


That picture is awesome!


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


they are