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Petrodollar Collapse - World War 3 planned. Ben Swann and others explain

Here is the Petrodollar situation explained in a few short minutes.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


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Was there supposed to be content in the three videos?

I didn't see anything of substance other than a waste of precious time..

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

Post is very misleading

I came to hear news on the topic instead this is an obvious sales pitch-stuff I've heard before. And hundreds or thousands of dollars later they will tell you what you already know.

Isaiah 2:4
And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

Gold & Silver is fine, BUT you need a dependable Income Stream

That's why I am into putting together invest-ment part-ners for monthly check from multi-family buildings 50 units and over.

Yes, the more patriots the better.

I like Large scale apt invest-ing and I think it is the way to go, come good times or bad.

Contact me and lets talk about your needs and wants and expectations.


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Swan's Conclusion Not Necessarily Accurate

A decline in the use of petrodollars does not necessarily lead to a "weaker" dollar. In 2008 when the price of oil declined by two-thirds in just a few months (from $140 to $40 per barrel) it meant that the demand for "petrodollars" declined dramatically as well. This did not seem to have any impact on the dollar at all.

Not sure about all this hype......

How much of our currency does China own? I bet it's a ton, they would want the dollar to remain strong, at least until they get out of it.

Another thing that strikes me as completely unrealistic is the stat in the first video. Every 9 out of 10 homes bought in LA is bought by Chinese. No way. I'd love to see that actual stat somewhere.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

Success Council

In the description box of the third video, you have included a link to take advantage of the situation.

What are you selling?

We teach lay people how to protect their assets and make profits

as we enter the latter stages of this collapse.

For many seasoned libertarians that are here on DP, you will know much of what we teach, although probably not all.

Most of our materials are aimed at waking people. I find though, if you tell them the economy is crashing without telling them, that they can protect themselves rather easily, then they shut down as it is too scary.

On the site we give away lots of basics for free, like gold and silver strategies, but then have higher level stuff for paid customers.

There seems to be sickness here in these posts that dislike people who make money doing their passion. "Waking people up" Anyone know what is up with that?

Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.


Shared on Twitter.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


for later

It's sad, really:

The oil companies jack up the price "due to middle eastern conflicts," yet, we have a report that says the US will surpass Saudi Arabian production by 2017:


"Due to supply and demand"
"Due to delays in shipment"
"Due to refineries coming down"

We don't need NO STINKIN' oil and we never have:
1. Tesla
2. Hemp + Diesel engines

Again, I wish the DP would make HEMP a "priority topic" so we can cut the snake off at the head.


MykeTheVet for DailyPaul Hemp Representative. Vote now ;)

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Might be waiting until they

Might be waiting until they are one of the few last places rich in oil, so they can up their demands for whatever they feel owed, shmucks, if so

While I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment

I really wish you would not imply that Tesla created some energy system that can replace oil. He did no such thing.

Hemp, however, is a fair solution. The problem with it is that once again it doesn't scale large enough while using few enough resources. I do support it completely because of the tons of other uses (some being conversion to diesel) but it simply returns us to using too much land to create a dirty energy system.

What you might consider looking into instead of these is a few other technologies that have no such problems.

Solar thermal electric (NOT PV) will play a massive role in the very near future.

Jet stream level wind systems (picture a tethered airliner towing a grid of wind turbines) can operate at 95% capacity on 300+ mph wind. Just 4% of the land that's already off limits to air travel could supply the entire country at less than 1 penny/kWh.

Multi-species algae processes can now go straight to gasoline (rated for even 1970's cars) for less cost than any other fuel.

Lithium IV hydride can store hydrogen in higher densities than gasoline, under no pressure/high temp conditions and for less cost. While not a fuel, this can both balance the electrical grid and shift a large load from fossil fuels to electricity based renewables.

Personal maglev rails can be built for 1/20th of the cost of other rail and offer ultra high speed point-to-point travel for a nickel per mile (cars cost over 50 cents/mile all totaled). Could displace 70% of the traffic instantly once installed.

Rail fuel (oil based) could be reduced by 88% if we just did the solar thermal above because coal transport uses this much fuel.

Landfill and sewage waste can be combined in new plasma gasifiers that produce electricity, metal and glass ingots, and cracked/recombined H2O as a byproduct. Each of those 4 outputs alone could pay for the system at reduced prices.

Ocean based solar thermal systems can produce electricity and desalinated steam to the mainland for 2-5 cents/kWh and free water.

There are many more solutions that I could go into. I'll admit that I'm in a unique position of knowledge on these but some are still publicly known. The point is that they ALL end the monopolistic system of a few companies over the people, they're all cheaper or MUCH cheaper, they're all clean and renewable, they all have extremely high EROEI ratios and they're all supportive of local labor.

How that for some things you can crow about?

"I really wish you would not

"I really wish you would not imply that Tesla created some energy system that can replace oil. He did no such thing."

Well, I would not discount it. You really might want to check the story and work of perhaps the only publicly known person to replicate Tesla's work:

Eric Dollard:

And this broader historical story:

"Tesla found that when he sent radiant energy into the ground he could gather it at a receiving station several miles away. Tesla could indeed transmit electricity wirelessly but NOT through the air. Tesla said in his own words that significant transmission of power through the earth ionosphere wave guide was impossible as it was not thick enough to conduct significant power. The transmission was through the GROUND, literally."


"What was more amazing was that sometimes more power would appear at the other end collectively than was put in. For example if 1000 watts of conventional power was pumped into WardenClyffe then 1000 watts could be gathered at a receiving station in California and another 1000 watts could be gathered at a receiving station in Egypt, for a total of 1000 in and 2000 out. The earth would magnify the power. The more receiving stations the more power. Hence this invention as patented was called the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter. This is the kernel of WardenClyffe."

And no, Radiant Energy is not your standard AC or DC..

C'mon back when it's peer reviewed

From my memory of "The great almighty Eric", he's the smartest guy in the world today, he's created the best thing, it can't be explained by 'traditional math', it is endless, doesn't attenuate, travels much faster than the speed of light and the whole world is out to get him and stop this because radio is too free. Wow, just wow. I refuse to go down that path again.

My point still stands however. Why keep pushing for things that are even remotely controversial when there are genuine solutions all around. Those that I listed are just the tip of the iceberg. If you had put your dollard research into them, you would know this by now.

I'm not saying that the

I'm not saying that the solutions you mention should be ignore.

I am saying that the work of Tesla, Steinmetz, etc should not be ignored either.

Interesting. Nice post

If it's possible, can you share sources of this info or any supporting links with the group?

I'm very interested in alternative energy tech and am looking to learn more.

I agree, Hemp should be at

I agree, Hemp should be at the forefront of our efforts in the Liberty movement. Legalizing hemp growing in America would revitalize our backward and subsidized farming industry. Hemp is one of the most nutritious plants in the world and can be made into over thousands of products. We would have a literal American Hemp Renaissance within 5 years as our tech savvy generation can apply its talents and resources toward hemp products ranging from food to clothes to biodegradable plastics and fuels. Local economies will flourish and the US could export its products around the globe.

The best part is that this is a great non-confrontational issue that the Liberals, Libertarians and Republicans could easily get behind. There are destitute towns in Nebraska and across our heartland that have been reduced to bitter and crime ridden welfare shanties that are just waiting for an opportunity to rebuild their communities based on agriculture that creates something productive.

This country was built on Hemp from the very beginning and we are going to be perpetually screwed by the petro-chemical industry unless we allow the cultivation of this amazing plant.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.


We already produce more oil than Saudi Arabia, we surpassed them this year. You also need oil and gas for a lot more than just energy. Every plastic product for example. Diesel is oil as well. You can point the finger at the groups doing the manipulation, but for places like here in Texas, the oil industry is our economy. For years we've drilled countless wells and just shut them in after the frac. They're mostly gas wells being preserved for when the price of natural gas goes back up. All these stories about conflicts affecting the price is non-sense. They are distractions from the day-to-day conflict to redirect attention to the price of oil and the negatives that brings. The oil industry is a huge positive for our country, it is OPEC and governments that bring the negative. The oil industry feeds my family, you need to refocus your attention to the people manipulating the industry. I would urge you to look up how many cities, yes entire cities, were built solely because of the oil industry. They donate money to build and maintain county roads all over the place. Just look up the good things the oil companies do, and realize that it's government that is doing the evil bidding.

Liberty: Too big to fail

Spoken like a genuine oil company shill

Could you be more obvious in your agenda? Wow.

We may produce more oil (highly debatable in knowledgeable circles) for a while but you can't think for one second that this can continue, can you? The EROEI on tar sand and shale oil is horrible. We only get 2-3 barrels of oil out for each bbl we spend on the energy to do it. This is down from the horrible 5:1 which the global trend is moving towards. Additionally, you are not considering the environmental devastation of the site or of the final use. Additionally, you're not accounting for the potable water use and contamination. Additionally, you're not considering all the extremely toxic metals contamination left all over these mining sites. Didn't think that through much, did you?

Long chain hydrocarbon needs for other industries is minuscule compared to that for energy related needs. It's so small that bio-fuel based replacements only wait for the market shift before they can switch over. Strawman argument.

The whale industry used to be our economy too and people didn't listen to others saying it had problems until a replacement was found. Where are those whale-oil economies now? If you derived the majority of your town's income from central banking should we support you then too?

Oil had it's day. It was very useful in ushering in the industrial age but it's time has passed now. You may not want to hear it but for every use of current oil production, I can show you an alternative that can cleanly scale larger and for less money. My point is that oil is a tool used by high finance types to keep us under their monopolistic control and we no longer need either.

"They donate money to build and maintain..." I can't even finish copying that one. Give us a break. Now you're gonna tell us how great the oil companies are? They are the second most evil companies in the world's history. That pittance you claim is so great isn't even pocket lint to them. It's called PR and propaganda. Go read on Edward Bernays before continuing this line.

The bottom line is do you want to be a slave to money? No? Ok, then that means you have to break the chains in every aspect as well. You simply can't remain addicted to monopolized oil and expect to fight off the banks.

You need to remove your blinders

The oil industry is highly regulated and must adhere to all kinds of environmental standards, I know because I formulate the drilling fluids to drill the wells with. It does not take more energy to drill and produce a well than we get back, not even close. Every company out there is using old frac water, brine, or whatever dirty water they can get their hands on because it's cheap, we aren't stealing your drinking water.

Think how many things you couldn't do without oil and gas that isn't energy related. If there is a viable alternative it will naturally emerge in the market. Even these oil companies you despise use solar panels to power all their monitoring equipment. You have this preconceived notion that oil companies are run by evil people with bad intentions. We are all normal people trying to make a living and be successful in life. It's the corruption of the 'elite' that use the oil industry and price manipulation to their benefit. Oil is no where near being obsolete as you imply. Look at how many developing countries there are that are driving the demand for oil and gas.

Yes, I am telling you how great these companies are. They do so much not just financially, but for the well being of communities as a whole. These companies literally show up to remote areas and lease land to drill on. The people that own the mineral rights to that land become very wealthy if production is good. In no time, there's hotels, restaurants, gas stations, neighborhoods, apartments, and anything else that supports a community just sprouting up from nothing. Entire cities are formed from nothing because these 'evil' oil companies provide good paying jobs, and those people spend their money in that area. These companies know that all the heavy trucks are beating up the roads so they donate money to the county to build new and bigger highways, or to simply maintain the current ones. They build relationships with individuals and local government to foster a good work and living environment. They are the reason that Texas has such a great economy with the fastest growing cities in the country. Without these companies the standard of living in my state would be much lower. Be thankful we bust our butts so you can drive around every day and heat your home in the winter or cook on your gas grill outside.

Liberty: Too big to fail

Just stop!

Please, please just stop talking and start thinking for a change. You're being snowed by the PR of TRILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES. Are you really going to tell me that they don't have everyone related to their industry bought and paid for? Are you really of the belief that the pittance (even a few million dollars) they give to some community isn't to save face? Who would talk bad about such a great company? Any worker that wanted to blow their whistle would be ran out of town. Just listen to your words for once. There's global consequences that interplay with this industry and you think their on par with the Make A Wish foundation. Wake up.

Regulated? Ha. They wrote the damn regs. They keep small competition out of the game. Heard that tactic before? Sure, in banking, food, cars, home builders, and tons of others. It's SOP. But it doesn't stop there. These guys pass the costs on to their customers (us) AND they get royalty/subsidy benefits because this cost was so high. That's double dipping from our pockets. It's no different than all those "government" fees on phone bills that cost zero to implement (at their scale) but then get sent directly to the phone companies. It's a way to raise prices without it being seen.

Oil's in everything? Really? A barrel of oil yields these refined products (percent of barrel):

47% gasoline for use in automobiles
23% heating oil and diesel fuel
18% other products, which includes petrochemical feedstock-products derived from petroleum principally for the manufacturing of chemicals, synthetic rubber and plastics
10% jet fuel
4% propane
3% asphalt
(Percentages equal more than 100 because of an approximately 5% processing gain from refining.)

So, to be clear, your argument is that your company is good because they're trying to get all the oil that exists into the current market asap so we can burn it up and leave nothing left for the one use (that you claim) can't be supplanted by another source - namely the 18% other products. Well, the good news is that you're full of it because it's only price that keeps those things being made from oil. As other renewables fuels become available at lower costs, you will be proven wrong because we won't need oil for them either. The other good news is that those things are more than 50% recyclable. The bad news is that peak production will drop faster than their switchover can happen. This is because they take much much longer to switch to a 'different blend' than simply creating heat in a machine. So, even though they're only 1/5th of our use, they will consumer more and be subject to price hikes much more. Why? Because oil companies thwarted the energy use from shifting over to renewables for 50 years past when the market began calling for it.

"We are all normal people trying to make a living..." and that's the problem. It sounds exactly like the sheeple that keep supporting Obama, Bernanke, Keynes theory, and so many other things we spotlight on this site, doesn't it? Just because Nick gets something out of it, doesn't mean it's good for everyone. Can you write a letter and address it to the people of 2100, explaining why you thought this era deserved the right to use it all up and leave them none? Didn't think so. What if I gave you a letter that a 1600's person wrote, telling you how sorry they were for burning up all the trees? What if they justified it by making a living? I'll bet they will even explain how when the big trees were gone, they figured out how to burn the saplings and with 'wonderful new technology', they also figured out how to make use of every tree seed on the planet. Reference Easter Island if you're not getting this.

I'll be thankful when you start busting your butts to tell your industry titans that we're heading for a cliff and they need to take their foot of the gas pedal!

This is amusing

You're so off base on so much it's not worth my time to debunk your entire post. You need to learn that government is the root of any concern you have with oil companies.

Liberty: Too big to fail

Says a plebe worker-bee whose entire livlihood is tied to oil

I'm far from off base. I've fought these guys directly for over a decade. I've consulted companies all over the country that have gone under from the direct actions of these swindlers. I've dealt with senators and governors who gloss over when presented with indisputable logic, because they're owing to these lobbyists. And I've been asked to leave when referring to such public records.

Have you?

Is government at the root of the banking scandals too? Or is it possibly that these industries have so much money that they can buy political support along side their worker support?

You have nothing. Wake up.

Why don't we ask the people which they would rather have? Option 1 offers them distributed power and paid-off generation of fuels for their energy needs... or Option 2 in which they pay perpetually inflating rates for every source of energy they can conceive of.

deacon's picture


does that brine or dirty water go into the water supply?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


It goes into the same formation where the water came from. If there was frac water in our water supply you would know it. The chlorides and hardness would be easily noticed. We aren't allowed to frac into frac into formations known to have 'clean' water. Remember that water down there is already contaminated with whatever rock formation it's in. A lot of our water we drink is well water which is shallow, or spring water already naturally filtered.

Liberty: Too big to fail

deacon's picture

thanks for clearing that up

i really don't know that much about it
but i have seen one before ;)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


He was actually pretty explicit with his agenda. Your disagreement with it is also quite obvious.

Regardless, you both make good points. We are not fighting the oil companies, we are fighting oil company and government collusion. The oil industry will die when it is ready to die and there is no need in wasting resources to prematurely kill it or to prop it up in its last days.

All technologies should rise and fall on their own merits. So do what you feel is right for yourself but don't ask questions like "Could you be more obvious in your agenda?" When to comment was most explicitly straightforward. He wasn't hiding anything from you and the least you could do is show him some respect while you disagree with him.

Now go find some new sources of energy.

"We are not fighting the oil companies"

Yes we are. That's exactly who we are fighting and the sooner the public learns this, the better. Just like in the fight with the Fed, the real culprit is central banking but we as a country, had to wake up and find a physical entity to go after. That's the federal reserve.

You also say that all technologies should rise and fall on their own merits. Well, that's exactly true. The problem is that the PR of the last century has convinced people this is what has happened. 'Oh, the 70's offered a chance for a solar revolution but it wasn't market ready so it didn't happen. HA! Big oil companies killed it, and hard.

These companies lobbied and won every fight for subsidies, mandates, emission standards, auto standards, taxes and more. The result was that solar became too expensive and cumbersome while oil got cheaper. Of course, oil wasn't really cheaper, we just paid them through different channels.

They robbed entire states through overcharging and when they got sued, they provided 'annuities' (costing them pennies) to do 'really good things' over endless periods of time. One state won $500M (when the damage was 4 times that) and paid $28M into a fund that keeps on giving based in it's investment. This is a 1% fine on a criminal act.

They have gotten mandated so many extras on automobiles that highly efficient, foreign cars don't even qualify in our market. US cars have to weigh at minimum, about 1 ton just to qualify as street legal. This keeps fuel usage high. They have fought Segways, golf carts, 4-wheelers and NEVs in cities and states all across the country because those all offer fuel savings. They have gotten diesel categorized in consumer and farm grades just to stop farmers from running bio-diesel setups and then selling to truckers. Each farmer could produce nearly 20,000 gallons per year from their waste if this weren't the case but now they pay (money or time) to remove it instead.

They, in conjunction with utility companies, have gotten the regulations so convoluted and expensive to produce energy privately and profit from it that even a completely free source like some over-unity box or home cold fusion or hemp production would not pay for itself in less than 2 years. Yet these stringent requirements don't exist for the utilities.

Battery vehicles have some of the craziest roadblocks you've ever heard of. You have to give Tesla Motors props for getting a battery powered car to the market because the tech behind the cars is only about 60% of their costs. Thank the oil companies for the rest.

These same oil companies were the instigators for eastern states banning the use of high sulfur content coal when they could have simply added cheap 'scrubbers' to filter it out of the exhaust. Why would they do this? Because this forced states like Pennsylvania to use cleaner coal that's only available from Wyoming. Consequently, the PA coal is perfectly fine (even encouraged) for use in Wyoming and Montana. So the oil companies now fuel rail to transport both sources of coal across the country (and they pass each other in front of me each day!) to get to where it's used. In 2009??, 88% of our entire rail fleet was consumed by this single activity.

Solar companies come in multiple flavors. There are the scams and the very good technologies and everything in between. Those that show any real promise are quickly bought up or 'partnered with' by either an oil company or a partner/subsidiary of one so they can be "helped to foster their progress". I could spend hours listing how many have fallen by the wayside because of this causing too many roadblocks. Keep in mind, however, that those technologies that aren't truly groudbreaking, they get lots of 'support'. Big wind farms and big PV panel solar arrays get oh so much support. Why? Because they are not a threat in the least. They may offer some power but for everything they offer, the oil use must rise even more to make everything work together. This is why big oil is also fighting the smart grid, but that's another topic.

So, yes we are fighting these companies. They have manipulated our energy markets for a century and they have done so blatantly for 40 years. They have killed off their competition by buying off the regulators and others and very persuasively convinced people on both sides (especially their employees as seen above) that they are on our side. Just look at everything you see each day and try to picture how it's more dependent on oil than it needs to be. That's likely because of some action by these companies. This issue is extremely important and the people need to be woken up to it.