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The Biggest Cyber-Attack Ever Is Slowing Down The Internet

Web slows under 'biggest attack ever' - Millions of people affected

Millions of people around the world have been affected by slow internet speeds after an unprecedented attack.

A Dutch web-hosting company caused disruption and the global slowdown of the Internet, according to a not- for-profit anti-spam organization

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Every time i hear the words 'Cyber Attack'...

I think 'False Flag'.


Because of this:


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This doesn't even make sense.

A hosting company supporting spam (o.k., maybe) and attacking others to defend their spamming practices?

That reads like a children's story of the bad man that only does bad.

I can't believe this at face value.

I hope no Dutch company is dumb enough to create anti-Dutch sentiment.

Spammers know it is only a matter of time before their name is black-listed.
That's why even legitimate email distribution is often sent from strangely-addressed batch email services.

Either this story is pure bunk, or a child is running that Dutch hosting service.

Either way, the story only serves to tarnish Dutch freedoms. ..and to keep people ignorant of this mysterious internetty thing.


Government Cyber-mongering.

Our overloards are well aware the internet is secure enough and can't be shut down. Google stock price would go from $800 to $0 overnight if it did break.

Just unplug it, and plug it

Just unplug it, and plug it in again

Millions of users? I will

Millions of users? I will take notice when that number increases by a couple powers of 10.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Sounds like the internet is

Sounds like the internet is weak and unsecured. I think we need DHS to step in and protect us if the private market provides such fragile solutions. Maybe as a first step we mandate people use DHS-sanctioned web browsers. Who's with me?


Was pretty sure the post was going to say Comcast was the biggest cyber-attack that's slowing down internet. Haha.

One web hosting company?

Doubtful. Sounds like the NWO is trying to program people to believe that "...any rogue element out there can hurt you at any time, so run toward global government for protection."

Things look fine today.


Free includes debt-free!


No problems since earlier, it was noticeable for me.

I have listened yet. Internet Storm forecasts.


Free includes debt-free!