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Pro-Defense Advocate Kicked Out Of Coffee Shop Video (Open Carry)

A pro-defense advocate (open carry) was discriminated against and kicked out of a Caribou Coffee shop in Novi, MI for expressing his right to protect his life. The cops and store gave him the option to stay if he hid his beliefs under his clothes, but the gentleman refused and was forced to leave:


Video Description:

While doing some work on my laptop, I had an unfortunate experience with two officers of the NPD.

After the video, I walked to another establishment, continued working on my laptop for an hour or so, and returned to my vehicle. The police had left by then.

While I had nothing to hide in relation to my identity or vehicle, I didn't want to give the officers any ability to write me a citation for something frivolous on my vehicle, such as a muddy license plate, broken taillight, illegal window tinting, cracked windshield, or any other thing of that sort, even though no such conditions existed on my vehicle.

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Having to learn our freedoms

Having to learn our freedoms all over again