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Congressman John Mica Vows To End TSA Screening

Rep. says TSA can no longer hide from oversight on his watch

Steve Watson | Infowars.com | Mar 27, 2013

Congressman John Mica, a consistent critic of the TSA, who has pushed for airports to ditch the agency and replace it with private security screeners, has set about his biggest step to date to end the Federal agency’s rule throughout the nation’s airports.

Mica, who now heads up a subcommittee of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, intends to introduce legislation to return all security authority in airports to private companies. He also says he is determined to push for up to half a dozen hearings this year alone to get it done.

“I’m telling you, whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or if there are a few independents left, people have had it right up to their eyebrows with TSA,” Mica said in an interview with Bloomberg News. “It’s not a partisan issue.”

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Sounds like he is still

Sounds like he is still aiming for the same thing he was before. Connected insider companies doing the screenings to TSA requirements thus offering us the worst of both worlds.

I was really excited about this article...

until I saw this:
"The TSA “should not be conducting the screening,” he said. “They should be setting the standards, conducting the oversight. TSA should be a security and intelligence agency.”

He doesn't really want to end the TSA, only stop them from being the ones who actually conduct the screening..... they would still be the ones to oversee every procedure! What's the difference? If a private security agency has to follow TSA rules and report to them... how is that private? The TSA would still exist under this... it does not end the TSA.

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."

About time Mica did the right thing.

Let us see how much support he gets in the House on this.

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For Liberty! More politicians are seeing the light.

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