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Dr. Ben Carson Responds to Personal Attacks

Dr. Benjamin Carson on Accusations of 'Tokenism' by MSNBC's Touré & others: I'm Not An 'Uncle Tom'


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Cyril's picture

I watch actions rather. Just my personal preference.

In my experience (and my father's, long ago), the worst, i.e., most genuine racists and group thinkers are in fact, often, the same most polite individuals with lenient, politically correct speeches, and so-called "liberal views".

For, guess what... it's not so much about what they may or may not say.

Rather: their ACTIONS, which speak louder than words. That's what I watch in people. What they do, no matter what they say.

Additionally: ACTIONS also actually reflect people's IDEAS. Hence, how the lie was invented: to hide ideas until the last minute, before infamy comes in actions.

But hey... "Your Mileage May Vary".


In the case of ObaMARX, I think it's a bit more subtle, despite he seems acting like a racist against the black people, as I suspect he is in fact a collectivist sociopath who really doesn't care about anyone or anything but only about plunder, power, and fame - he, supreme tool, has greater masters than himself anyway.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


Megyn Kelly was all about spreading racism. Who writes her script and what's with spreading and promoting racism? The corrupt networks need to be stopped.

It's just seems wierd to have a conversation with a black person and 3 times every five minutes, point out that he is black and use terms like "oreo".

How come she can't just talk to him about his ideas?

If you want to see real racism

look at how liberals talk about black 'conservatives'

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That relationship is similar to how repubs. talk about Ron Paul.

You are right about that. Dr. Ben Carson is anathema to the liberals.

I don't care for his position

I don't care for his position on gun ownership but I really enjoy this guy's message every time I see an interview with him. He is very articulate and he has a profound understanding of what is wrong with the political and class divides in this country.

It boggles

my mind to think that he doesn't believe in the basic right of self defense and the tools needed. To me an understanding of why people have the basic right to own what they want including a gun is absolutely critical. I just can't imagine where his logic breaks down.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

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Follow the money

Well, while I don't know whom he voted for, and I didn't read or hear anything from him against Dr. Ron Paul's ideals specifically... we do have clues of where his donations went to:


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


No guns allowed in the cities...well, that's kind of where we are at now. Cities have the most strict gun laws AND the most violence. It's kind of one of those "what came first, the chicken or the egg" scenarios.

The strict gun laws in cities may have been made with good intention once upon a time to reduce violence. An alternative would have been to increase guns in the hands of the public. Limiting guns has done nothing and crime has increased since. Though perhaps inconvenient, the other option of more guns and personal responsibility might have eliminated the criminal element altogether.

But then again, elements of our government staged the SandyHook incident and others to warrant the whole debate in the first place. Shouldn't the debate be "what are we going to do about a small group's diabolical manipulations and attempt to disarm the country"?

Im with ya on the gun

Im with ya on the gun ownership thing, its one of the things i wished was clarified

As for the rest, i like his approach to things, his take on things.......now i know absolutely hardly anything about the man, so i say this, with that in mind.........he seems to good, wheres the catch........which leads me right back to, up there ^^^ "its one of the things i wished was clarified" bit

I am so tired of the 'We need

I am so tired of the 'We' need to do this, 'we' need to do that, 'our' children, 'we we we'. Why the hell do 'we' need to do anything? Who's 'we' and why do 'we' need a damned consensus on everything from gun bans to marriage rules to taxes to sugary drink to marijuana laws?

I will never meet any of these people that want me to agree that 'we' have to make some group change in how 'we' live 'our' lives. It's an age old tactic used by rulers and their intellectuals to control a people. Rulers need a consensus to rule so they convince everyone that 'we' are one big united group.

I find it refreshing to hear

I find it refreshing to hear a unifyer speak with an inclusionary "we" rather than the narcissistic "I" message that is currently preached by current president. He strikes me as a principled man which US desperately needs in Congress.

I like him.

He's alright. It's just an indoctrination habit that 'we' all have. It just started really bothering me since the Newtown tragedy. Some crazy dude (or whoever) does some heinous act and we all (posterity included) are somehow responsible and will be punished by losing one of our most innate rights - the right to protect ourselves.

I hear ya...a valid point. I

I hear ya...a valid point. I just hope "we" don't lose the likes of Dr. Ben Carson. Champions will rise and I believe he may be one of them.

I really wished sometimes

I really wished sometimes that the person interviewing a person im interested in being interviewed, cared about whats being interviewed, enough, not to look like your reading from a script........

Honest, sometimes-cringeworthy :), sometimes-brilliant, two way, communication.

From the heart, over, "pRofEsSionAlism", any day

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Fox News has an agenda, that's for sure.

Talking is much different than actually communicating. This interview shows how not to interview someone. Thanks for the bump.