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Tapeworm Economy


A fellow forum member, bear, connected this dot to me, and I finally managed to finish reviewing the information.

I think this information aught to be considered as accurate and vital information, and yes, it has been linked already, so those who have already viewed it can move on, those who have not, may find interest in it.

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Abject Belief in Falsehood

Absolute Abject Belief in Falsehood Without Question compares to the exact opposite as, in the words of Catherine Austin Fitts:

The Population Believes that Crime Pays.

If we could finance communities with equity, how much equity could be created?

Kill the HOST

Total Wealth (POWER) production increase "can't possibly be true".

The shrinkage is so great. Unhappy feeling like a slave.

Businesses compete. The wealth that could be created is phenomenal.

Crime made legal, funding Monopoly Legal Money Power by War upon everyone, with few exceptions, scientifically engineered addiction to launder money (POWER) to the exceptions, the criminal elite with badges, where all the victims are made to pay the Debt that is created from Borrowing the victims Credit and then buying Wars, buying Drugs, buying Lies, with the borrowed money borrowed from the victims who produce the wealth, fight the wars, and are victim to the additions, addictions to lies, additions to false authority, addictions to distractions, addictions to drugs that are only illegal for the victims who are made to become addicted, add those costs, of those expenditures, of that borrowed money, borrowed from the victims, is then charged to the victims, to be paid by the victims, who are lenders, not borrowers, but lenders made to pay back the loans they loaned out to the Legal Criminals - with National Interest.

Power produced into a state of abundance, where the price of power reduces, while purchasing power increases, because power reduces the cost of production.

Instead of 300 dollar electric bills, what is the competitive cost, not the monopoly cost, of electric power, when power is used to make more power, instead of power being used to take power from those who produce power?

Instead of having the earnings made by the earners loaned out to false authorities in very expensive suits, hiding behind a false Money Monopoly Legal Power, and then those earnings used to buy Drugs, Buy Wars, Buy very well paid liars, Buy Addicts, Buy schools to teach torture and mass murder, Buy students to fill those schools, Buy Death, Buy Destruction, Buy all the hardware, software, boots, and boots on the ground, on all sides, for World War III, and BUY the WAR DEBT to be paid by the losers, instead of that, what happens in the other direction?

End the FED
End the IRS
Bring the Troops Home (not to collect on War Debt)
Do so by July 4th of this year: 2013

Why not?



The Problem

"The problem is not that we obey without question, the problem is that there are criminals who know how to perpetuate their crimes and they know enough to make their crimes legal" - Joe http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/3017205

And they are hidden out of site, just like a tape worm, while some are seen as plain as day as the elephant in the room.

Perhaps like the king without clothes, the someone is yelling and others are now joining in!???

Soon we will see power made into more power?

"A study was done to see how much Total Wealth (Surplus Wealth or POWER) would increase if money was actually invested for that purpose, for individual gain, while those external to the individual also gain, as being the opposite of crime where an individual gains at the expense of other people." - Joe http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/3016928

"Power produced into a state of abundance, where the price of power reduces, while purchasing power increases, because power reduces the cost of production." -Joe

"The numbers were beyone belief" -Joe

Joe, the Amish do not even have their clocks changed to daylight savings. They exist within the United States, but on their own terms...as much as possible...they never bought into the Social Security fraud...