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Russian oligarch resigns from parliament after National Post investigation reveals Israeli citizenship, Canadian assets

Adrian Humphreys | 13/03/26 | Last Updated: 13/03/26 7:57 PM ET

A Russian oligarch who has maintained high-level influence in Moscow since the close of the Cold War resigned his seat in Russian parliament Tuesday after the National Post revealed he held dual citizenship and had extensive assets in Canada.

Vitaly Malkin tried for almost 20 years to relocate to Canada, investing millions in Toronto, but had been turned away over alleged ties to organized crime. During his failed immigration process he told Canadian officials he had Israeli citizenship and extensive foreign investments.

The Post revealed his past on March 5 and the news ignited a storm of controversy in Moscow because Russian law bars lawmakers from holding dual citizenship and owning undeclared foreign investments.

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It is an known fact

that Russian millionaires (of all ethnicities) got rich during the chiotic collapse of USSR where privatization rules and regulations were virtually absent and mafia stepped in. Those rich did not count on the good will of new Russian government and tried to secure a foreign citizenship and relocate part of their money abroad. Some bought USA real estates from Donald Trump, some in UK, some in France. Many got dual citizenship in different countries.

In 2004 all Russian law-makers should declare all their assets.
In 2007 Russia passed "no dual-citizenship law."

According to Vitaly Malkin he retired from business in 2004 and quit his Israeli citizenship in 2007. But only investigation can tell if that is true and if he still has foreign assets under his name.

Question: does anybody at DP post articles about crooks in Dubai or China?

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good question

"Question: does anybody at DP post articles about crooks in Dubai or China?"
have you?
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