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Massachusetts - Submit Audit the Fed Q for Senate Debate

Representatives Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch are running in the Democratic primary for Senate.

Markey voted against HR 459, Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill, while Lynch voted for it.

They have scheduled 6 debates and it would be great for them to answer why they disagree on Audit the Fed. It would raise the issue to everyone watching/listening and hopefully generate support if Lynch can give a good answer as to why he voted for it.

If you live in Massachusetts, please submit a question on Audit the Fed.

There are three different ways to submit questions (do all three as they are all different debate organizers):

1. http://connect.wgby.org/debate_questions

2. http://boston.cbslocal.com/2013/03/26/before-the-debate-we-w...

3. Last paragraph - http://www.masslive.com/politics/index.ssf/2013/03/springfie...

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If you live in MA, submit an Audit the Fed question

There are two Democrats running in the Senate primary and one voted for Audit the Fed while the other didn't.

Please submit a question about auditing the Fed in hopes of getting two Democrats debating why one supports transparency while the other doesn't.