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"Rushing fireball" could turn carbon dioxide into biofuel

By Shoshana Davis / CBS News/ March 27, 2013, 4:02 PM

The large amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere that's created by the burning of fossil fuels is cited by scientists as a major driver of climate change. They spend day after day trying to figure out a way to generate power for the world's populations, but at the same time leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Carbon dioxide emissions rise to 2.4 million pounds per second

Now, researchers at the University of Georgia say they've hit upon a way to take the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and turn it into useable industrial products. The impact of such a discovery is potentially huge. The goal is to remove the CO2 directly from the air and turn it into bio-fuel -- not only helping power the world, but hopefully taking down global temperatures at the same time.

The researchers essentially have created a microorganism that acts like a plant, which removes the carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into something we can use. During photosynthesis, plants utilize sunlight, water and carbon dioxide from the air to create their food source. This would behave in a similar fashion.

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